Why Are We Here?



Hawk Creek, a non-profit Wildlife Center, rescued us from all over the country because we have nowhere else to go.  We all have our own story, many of us were permanently injured and cannot be returned to the wild. Some of us are retired from full time jobs keeping birds away from airports, breeding programs and presenting educational shows. In additional, some of us were unwanted or illegal exotic pets.

Second Chance

We have been given a second chance and now live on 15 beautiful, wooded acres with our friends! We live in large habitats, receive natural diets, enrichment and live in social groups.


We love meeting people face to face to share our stories and inspire them to protect our planet that is our home. People are surprised when they meet us and learn that predators perform a vital job of protecting humans from disease. Some of us help our rare or endangered species in a different way through breeding programs. A few of us are foster parents for orphaned babies that come to the Center for rehabilitation and release!


Hawk Creek has over 80 permanent residents who cannot be returned to their natural habitat, and will spend the rest of their lives here. The Wildlife and Raptor Center became an accredited wildlife center in 2001. We maintain extremely high standards, are inspected by USDA, licensed by the NYSDEC and by the US Department of Fish and Wildlife.