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Wildlife Rehabilitation Classes

Wildlife Rehabilitation ~ an inside look at the growing science

Develop a sense of appreciation for the importance of preserving native wildlife. Learn how to lend a helping hand to injured, orphaned, and distressed animals in your community.

Acquire skills in species identification, natural history, nutrition, animal behavior, and handling.
Build a strong foundation of general procedures, stress-reducing housing, and capture and release techniques.
Make a difference by helping to restore animals to self-sufficiency and giving them a successful release back into the wild. Help reduce the negative impact humans have on our wild neighbors.
Stay on top of current developments in the field to ensure the humane treatment of wildlife.
This course will arm you with the general principles of wildlife rehabilitation, including feeding and the use of emergency care treatment. Whether you are preparing for the NYSDEC Wildlife Rehabilitator's Exam or just want to learn how to help wild animals that you find until you get to a facility, this course will meet your needs. Taught by licensed professionals.


Location: Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, East Aurora, NY


Cost: $100/person for two classes (8 hours)