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Walk With The Eagles


Honored around the globe, eagles have inspired man as seen in art, literature, and religious and government symbols. In 1782, the United States chose the bald eagle as its national symbol. The bald eagle is also known for its rapid population decline in the 1960’s and its recovery through breeding and reintroduction programs.

However, along with success came a new problem, a rise in human-eagle encounters. Many of these incidents produced permanently displaced and disabled eagles that had no where to go. Loretta Jones, founder and executive director, felt a moral obligation to help our national symbol by using her talents and facility, and so Walk With The Eagles™ came to life.

Walk with The Eagles™ is a unique habitat that allows visitors to safely cross the threshold into the eagles’ world, and to experience these magnificent creatures face-to-face. It is a once in a lifetime chance for visitors to share the magic and passion and look deep into the eye of a bald eagle.

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