Hawk Creek’s residents are gearing up for our first event of the 2015 season, Wild Earth! The flying birds from the Wild Safari show are training for the April 25th event and we’re excited to show you how amazing these animals are in flight. Flying is a natural behavior for raptors, we just teach these birds to fly to our gloves, or gauntlets, and perches. Our turkey vultures, Barf and Puke, do a wonderful job of showing off another natural behavior; flocking. They fly in tandem right over the audience! This takes a lot of training and before we move outside to rehearse, we practice in our lodge at the Center. This video is a behind-the-scenes glimpse into one of these training sessions. Be sure to visit our online store to purchase tickets for Wild Earth where you can see the birds live, flying over your head! Wild Earth is April 25th from 11am-4pm, rain or shine. We have activities for all ages and any children who complete the Hawk Creek’s Big Five challenge will take home a free souvenir!