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Wildlife Rehabilitation


furry owlHawk Creek Wildlife Center is one of New York State’s leading wildlife rehabilitation centers for native wildlife.  Each year we have cared for as many as 500 injured and orphaned patients. Our ultimate goal in each of these cases is to release the patient back into the wild.  Through the care and treatment of our native wildlife, we gain valuable insight into the environmental problems that are affecting both wildlife and man.  The information that we learn in our “natural laboratory” is used in our education program.  Our hope is to inspire a greater reverence for all living things, and to foster respect toward our natural environment, hopefully lessening man’s impact on this planet.

Hawk Creek takes in approximately 500 patients each year, 90% of which are birds.  We specialize in raptors, waterfowl and wildcats. Expert veterinary care is provided by Dr. Matthew Dunaif, DVM, and Dr. Carl Tomaschke, DVM.