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Mesa & Dakota by Tim Northup
Talon by Tim Northup
Mesa by Tim Northup
Skye & Guacamole by Tim Northup
Chikara by Tim Northup
Laguna by Chad Stewart
Bearded Dragon by Chad Stewart
Outlaw by Tim Northup
Fernando by Nova John Popovich
Fernando by Stephen Rademan
Wizard by Carrie Ann Grippo-Pike
Cherokee by Deborah Ritch
Barf by Deborah Ritch
Barf by Deborah Ritch
Mesa by Stephen Rademan
Caspian by Murray Head

Wildlife Photography Tips

Wildlife photography experts know that photographing an animal takes patience and a little bit of luck, but there is much more to those stunning shots you see in magazines. Here are just a few tips we’ve gathered from our time with the animals:

Know your subject!  Is the animal about to fly? Learn the bird’s normal flight behavior and be ready for the perfect take off or in-flight shot.

Be one with the animal!  Are you filming a snake? Get low and get some serpentine perspective.

Move fast! Animals move unpredictably. You never know when that perfect photo will present itself, so be ready to capture it.


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