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CFGB Answers the Call of the Wild!

hawkcreek September 6, 2016
Helping Hands, Mill Road, News, Press Releases

Hawk Creek is thrilled to announce that the Center will be able to move forward with its Raptor Park construction at its new facility on Mill Rd.! This project is funded in part through a generous grant from the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.

Laguna, Leaving a Legacy

hawkcreek January 22, 2016
Animal Ambassadors, News

Laguna the Ocelot was the best ambassador for her kind that has ever lived. Her absence is felt everyday and her spirit will endure and continue to inspire the world for years to come.


Risky Rescue

hawkcreek February 7, 2015
Animal Ambassadors, News, Press Releases

Hawk Creek is often called upon to rescue animals. Whether they are injured wildlife or exotic pets, every animal admitted presents unique challenges. In 2014 we rescued several exotic pets, the most challenging admission by far was an African Serval named Meisha.