connecting to nature

New Center on Mill Road

How do you Build a New Wild?

Follow these steps:

1. Find a Forest

2. Create a Habitat

3. Go Wild!

Those are the three phases in Hawk Creek’s effort to move to a new and improved home on Mill Rd. We've built most of our habitats, can you help us complete our home so we can all Go Wild! in 2016?

Follow our progress and find out how you can help through the links below.

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Hawk Creek has been making a difference for nearly 30 years. Our new location will provide larger and more natural habitats for our residents, enhanced educational opportunities for the community, and expand our conservation work for endangered species.  Read More»

Find a Forest, Create a Habitat, and Go Wild! Keep track of our progress as we build our new facility on Mill Rd. The new Center will ensure that our vital work can continue to help wildlife, serve the community, and train our future guardians of our Planet.  Read More» 



You can make a difference by sponsoring a habitat. Support your favorite species, show your business’s commitment to the environment, or honor the memory of a loved one. Your support will provide a safe habitat for nonreleasable wildlife ambassadors.  Read More»   



The heart of Hawk Creek beats because of the dedicated volunteers that selflessly give their time and talent to the Center. The new facility is taking shape because of their commitment to make a positive impact on their community. See the work our volunteers do for the love of wildlife.  Read More»   



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