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Large Owls



Eurasian eagle owl - Dragon

DRAGONEurasian eagle-owl

This female Eurasian Eagle Owl arrived at our Center from the World Bird Sanctuary of St. Louis, MO where she was bred for education. This is the largest owl species in the world. Dragon is aptly named because of her fiery personality, amazing orange eyes and huge wings. Her call is a low pitched hoot that can be heard for up to 2.5 miles. You may have noticed this type of owl delivering the mail in the popular Harry Potter movies.

Hatched: 4/26/2003, Arrived: 7/1/2003

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snowy owl - Hedwig

HEDWIG, snowy owl

Hedwig, named after Harry Potter’s famous snowy owl, was placed at Hawk Creek from a breeding project in upstate New York. Originally from the Arctic tundra, she thrives in extreme winter weather. Her unique adaptations allow her to make refuge in unfavorable climatic conditions. Since these owls are active during the day and roost on the open ground, they are often seen when they follow the lemmings south into the US.

Hatched: 5/01/2001, Arrived: 7/21/2001

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barred owl - Merlin

MERLIN, barred owl

Merlin, a male Barred Owl, was caught on the Seneca Nation and brought to Hawk Creek. He was diving at people and had injured two men on their faces. Normally, this species would only do this to defend its territory from other owls. His abnormal behavior is a result of imprinting on humans, which means he sees humans as competition. Because of this condition, he is too dangerous to be released.

Hatched: 4/1/2004, Arrived: 9/20/2004

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spectacled owl - Dumbledore

DUMBLEDORE, spectacled owl

Dumbledore, a Spectacled Owl, was captive-bred at the World Bird Sanctuary of St. Louis, MO for education. This species, native to Central and South America, gets its name from the feathers around its bright yellow eyes that look like spectacles. Adults have dark heads with white “spectacles,” while juveniles have white heads with dark feather masks. Dumbledore will help to educate and promote the importance of preserving biodiversity and the rainforest he comes from.

Hatched: 5/2001, Arrived: 3/18/2009

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Great horned owl - Yoda

TWILIGHT, Tawny owl

Yoda came  from the Wildlife Center of New Mexico. As an owlet, he was illegally kept in someone’s house. He was confiscated by authorities at the age of five months, after which he was housed for an additional eight months with other great horned owls. During the breeding season it was determined that he was imprinted on humans. Yoda enjoys stealing the show during educational programs with his animated vocalizations. He is also a foster parent to prevent imprinting of great horned owl babies on humans.

Hatched: 4/1/1991, Arrived: 3/26/1992

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