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TALON, red-tailed hawk

This young male Red-tailed Hawk was injured by a squirrel when first learning how to hunt. The squirrel bit deep into the tendons in his legs which caused permanent damage, preventing him from closing his talons. Talon was rescued by a falconer when he was found in the woods starving. After being trapped and treated for his injuries he was sent to Hawk Creek to join our flight team.

Hatched: est. 5/1/12      Arrived: 5/18/14

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COMANCHE, harris’ hawk

Comanche is a female Harris’ Hawk that is an incredible example of how much larger and more powerful female hawks are than their male counterparts! She is a retired falconry bird that sustained an injury while hunting. A squirrel she caught bit her toes causing her to lose a talon and damaged a tendon. Since she can no longer hunt successfully, she was sent to the Center to join our flying team.

Hatched: 5/1/2012, Arrived: 5/7/2016

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Harris Hawk - Hunter

CHASE, harris’ hawk

Chase, a captive-bred male Harris’ Hawk, came to us after his previous owner, a falconer, passed away. In the wild, they will hunt cooperatively, which is why they are known as the “wolves of the sky.” Their remarkable intelligence also makes Harris’ hawks wonderful educational ambassadors. As part of our flying demonstration team, Chase demonstrates the grace and agility of his species in our flight shows.

Hatched: 4/1/2009 Arrived: 1/27/2013

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Northern Goshawk

SIERRA, red-shoulder hawk

Sierra is a red-shoulder hawk.

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Augur Buzzard

SERENGETI, augur buzzard

This male Augur Buzzard came to us from the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, MO, the first facility in the US to successfully breed this species which is native to Africa. The first clutch arrived in 1998 and in 1999, there were approximately 21 augur buzzards in captivity in the United States. Their most common hunting technique is to soar in the sky. Serengeti has an animated, outgoing personality that makes him one of our most popular educational ambassadors.

Hatched: 4/1/1998, Arrived: 11/27/1998

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