HCWC:  Booking the hotel. I discovered that the hotel doesn’t take reservations and we have to pay in cash – definitely not a popular tourist area. Oh, and then there is the religious aspect of the region – an unmarried man and woman cannot share a hotel so I have to hope we can get rooms where Jarod is still in screaming distance. Other religious considerations are that we cannot have any skin showing, I need to wear a scarf and Jarod and I both need to wear long pants and sleeves to our elbows in the desert heat. We will also need to wear closed toed shoes, lots of animal fecal matter.  All of our money we need for the trip has to be in cash  and in small denominations (including for the hotel) on our bodies.  Our hotel specializes in camel steaks and camel burgers.  How do I explain that to Baboo?   Note to self – don’t drink the water, it’s not potable!!

CCF:  Dr. Laurie Marker sent us a list of high priority needs and the Columbus Zoo is donating a large portion of it, especially necessary vaccines for the cheetahs. HCWC donated a small portion of supplies as well.  Jarod and I will be bringing the vital medical supplies with us.   I can’t wait to explain why we are traveling with drugs, sutures, syringes, etc. at not one but two custom borders (Ethopia and Somaliland)!

We have an entire luggage bag filled with much needed supplies for the cheetahs!