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Intern Opportunities

Experience the unique and challenging opportunity of working at a wildlife center. Internships are designed to provide hands-on experience for those who are interested in environmental education and wildlife rehabilitation. Learn more about our internships below and then fill out an INTERNSHIP APPLICATION! The application, along with resume, can then be sent to Hawk Creek Wildlife, P.O. Box 662, East Aurora, NY 14052.



  • Animal Husbandry
  • Education Program
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Horticulture
  • Business Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Computer Technology
  • Theater
  • Journalism
  • General Internship: includes all of the above, all the necessary skills to run a nature center

What does the internship entail?
While interning here you will have the opportunity to work with a number of animals from our residents to rehab patients, granting you the opportunity to learn the proper care and techniques that are applied in every day and emergency situations. Animals are brought to our center for a variety of reasons, and ensuring that all receive the required care involves a lot of work. Duties including basic maintenance of the facility, animal husbandry, projects, and educational programs.

You will gain valuable experience working with a diverse group of raptors and other wildlife. Whether you plan to go into wildlife conservation, become a vet or just care about the planet and its inhabitants, this internship will offer you plenty of challenges and opportunities to learn. This unique experience is supervised by highly trained professionals in the field, while you gain experience and make a difference in the community!

Where some of our former interns are now:
Bird-of-Prey Program Director — Sea World, Tampa
Senior Trainer and Show Designer — Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Presenter and Raptor Handler — Busch Gardens, Tampa
Director of Training and Environmental Enrichment, Denver Zoo
Peace Corps in Africa, working with Mountain Gorillas
Manager of the Buffalo ZooMobile, distance learning program
Manager of the Buffalo ZooMobile, educational outreach.
Columbus Zoo Animal Presenter, and seen frequently on Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno, and David Letterman
Educator, Woodland Park Zoo
President of turkey vulture society

What are the basic requirements?
You may be thinking, “What does it take to be an intern at Hawk Creek?” If you have a passion for the natural world and a positive attitude then you’re already heading in the right direction! However, there are some important considerations to take into account if you think this may be the job for you. Most of the work performed is outside, and may require some heavy lifting, so you must be physically capable of performing the job. In order to gain the most from your experience, a certain amount of dedication is required. We are looking for motivated, reliable, and passionate people who can work independently or with our team.
Internships are offered throughout the year. Please apply early since we receive many applications.
With your application, please provide a letter stating your career goals and what you plan to get out of this internship. For students, you must have a B average (3.0) and one letter of recommendation. Majoring in a field related to the internship for which you are applying is preferred, though not required. This opportunity is also open to adults wanting to expand their knowledge in their field or interested in a career change.
Furnished housing is provided for full time interns (on site). Transportation is recommended.
Must be over 18 years old, 3 months full time or 4 months part time.


Please contact us if you are interested in an internship, or if you have additional questions at 716-652-8646. If you are ready, fill out this INTERNSHIP APPLICATION and mail it, along with resume, to Hawk Creek Wildlife P.O. Box 662 East Aurora, NY 14052.

Available Internships:

Though we do have some generalized categories, most internships include several components from each of the following:

Animal Husbandry:
This internship is for those who want to work around the animals and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty! Basic responsibilities include preparing food and feeding our resident animals and rehab patients, and providing them with basic care. Successful candidates will have a working knowledge of basic animal care skills at the completion of this internship.

Education Programs:
This is your opportunity to take our message of caring and conservation to the public! Educators-in-the-making can gain skills in working with the public and develop their teaching skills. Programs are presented as exhibits at malls, events, and private functions.

Marketing and Public Relations:
Maintaining a wildlife center without federal funding can propose some challenges when it comes time to pay the bills, so marketing becomes a big part of keeping the dream alive. From marketing our educational programs to selling our merchandise and even getting our animals “adopted,” it takes a certain know-how to appeal to the public to encourage them to help out. This job requires a bit of creativity as well as the skills required to work with people. Duties may include coming up with slogans to sell merchandise and programs, and suggesting ideas to increase fundraising-revenues.

At Hawk Creek we take pride in our gardens, but they don’t maintain themselves! We’re always looking for people that have an interest in horticulture to help maintain our grounds throughout the season. We have a wide variety of perennials, shrubs, and trees on the grounds and bring in a new assortment of annuals to be planted every year. Qualified individuals will have the opportunity to hone their landscaping skills and are encouraged to share their ideas on designing new gardens!

Business Management:
Running a successful wildlife center requires a certain amount of savvy, as well as the ability to deal with people and the know-how to getting the required funds to keep the center operational. Being a privately funded facility (as opposed to federally funded) there are a number of hurdles that we must cross just to remain open. Between coordinating volunteers and trying to raise enough funds to keep us operational from year-to-year, this job requires some thinking outside of the box! Interns taking on this position will leave here with a new look on operational techniques and new-found skills in problem solving.

Graphic Design:
Our facility is open to the public only a few times a year, so we try to make each event special! This internship is for those who have an interest in design and a creative spark. This position allows for creativity to take flight by aiding in designing brochures for our events, signs for our center and programs, posters, and updating images on our website. This internship will allow you to add working pieces to your portfolio. We have a designer onsite to help you develop your photoshop and design skills.

Computer Technology:
In this fast-paced day and age it is vital that our computers are kept up-to-date and our records maintained. Additionally, our website requires periodic maintenance and there’s always the unforeseeable issues that occur with technological devices. This internship is for those prepared to take on the task and increase their knowledge in working with databases and our website. New ideas for web design are strongly encouraged. A working knowledge of computers is required.

Aspiring journalists and writers of all kinds have their place in the sun here as well! Develop your skills and enhance your portfolio by writing articles or anecdotes for our newsletter, The Talon, and our website. You will write a variety of pieces from appeals, articles, press releases, event reviews and more.

General Internship:
Includes all of the above skills that are necessary to run a nature center.