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Owls Take Over Today Show & People Magazine!

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Operation Falcon – Success!

In today’s developing world human and animal conflicts occur frequently. Unfortunately during these conflicts, humans are often unwilling to compromise to meet the needs of both the wild world and our own. This however, is a different story. This is a story where man breaks boundaries to find a compromise that works for both nature and man simultaneously. The Peregrine Falcon exemplifies the collision of the animal kingdom and our own urban kingdom. Though still endangered in NYS, Peregrine numbers have been increasing in the region. One pair has made the University at Buffalo’s MacKay tower their home. UB generously welcomed the pair and, with the help of the DEC, installed a nest box and camera. Employees and students maneuvered carefully around the nesting area, so as not to disturb the busy parents. Since the installation of the nest box in 2009, 22 chicks have hatched and fledged from this site, a testament to the quality of the nesting site. When UB realized that MacKay tower was in need of repairs, they knew the process would affect the nesting peregrines. UB has been holding off on the renovation of this 84-year-old tower that provides heat to the campus to avoid disrupting the nest site. These individuals, dedicated to the conservation of this rare species, teamed up with the NYSDEC to come up with a plan that would work for the falcons and meet the campus’s heating needs. The team came up with the plan of delaying the construction so the peregrines could have a successful breeding season by hatching their chicks and raising them for the first three weeks. This allowed the parents to be successful, ensuring their return to the nest site in the future. At three weeks the chicks would be removed from the nest so that construction could begin and the tower could be repaired before next winter. This is where Hawk Creek joined the team. The DEC contacted Hawk Creek because we specialize in birds of prey and have raised over 300 Barn Owls and hundreds more raptor chicks including Peregrines. We were thrilled at the opportunity to help. Upon admitting the chicks to the Center we called upon one of our best educational ambassadors, Blaze the peregrine falcon, for help to foster the three chicks. Blaze quickly took on the role of mom and adopted the chicks. By having Blaze raise the chicks we were able to ensure that these young falcons grew up with the influence of an adult peregrine falcon. At eight weeks old the chicks were fully grown and began exercising their wings and learning how to hunt their own food. After honing their skills the young birds were successfully released back out into the wild! All three birds, two females and one male, flew strong and quick to their freedom.
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Training Turkey Vultures

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Risky Rescue

Hawk Creek is often called upon to rescue animals. Whether they are injured wildlife or exotic pets, every animal admitted presents unique challenges. In 2014 we rescued several exotic pets, the most challenging admission by far was an African Serval named Meisha.
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Saying Goodbye to Fernando

Anyone that works with animals will tell you that when you work with an animal long enough, they become part of your family. At some point a condor is not “just a condor,” but rather Fernando, the charismatic one that everyone loves. We loved and cared for Fernando like a member of our family. Unfortunately this attachment to our charges sometimes makes doing the right thing extremely difficult.
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Center Slammed By 90.5 Inches Of Snow

Ninety and a half inches of snow fell in less than four days and was followed by warm temperatures proving to be a challenge for Hawk Creek’s current aging facility. Volunteers braved the storm to shovel the heavy snow off the roofs which kept all of the animals safe.
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Bald Eagle Released

This juvenile bald eagle, brought to us by the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, was found weak, emaciated and unable to fly by Lake Ontario. When the eagle was admitted in early September we knew that we were in a race to get her healthy, fit and released before migration was over.
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Bringing the Wild to the NYS Fair

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 30, 2012 Contact: Tanya Lowe [email protected] (716) 652-8646 Event Date: August 23 – September 3, 2012 Event Time: 10-6 pm Event Location: 581 State Fair Boulevard Syracuse, New York 13209 Bringing the Wild to the NYS Fair Syracuse- Come one, come all, where man and nature will meet face-to-face at the Great New York State Fair! We are excited to announce that Hawk Creek will have the unique opportunity to bring the wild to the NYS Fair this year! The fair runs August 23rd -September 3rd daily, from 10:00am-6:00pm (gates open at 8:00am). Come and see these majestic birds of prey during fair hours and don’t miss the flying bird show free with fair admission! Hawk Creek is thrilled to introduce a new crowd to our amazing animal ambassadors from around the world, as we share their stories and lessons they have to teach. With a wide variety of wildlife on hand, Hawk Creek looks forward to showing these exquisite predators up-close and personal. Photographs are a must! Snap a picture of a majestic Eagle or the powerful Owl! Maybe you’ll get that perfect shot of the Turkey Vulture in mid flight at our flying bird show! Fair parking is $5 per vehicle. Daily admission tickets are $10 per person, ages 12 and under are free. This event is rain or shine. For more information on parking and driving directions please visit Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, Inc. has been featured on Rachael Ray, Conan O’Brien, PBS, and was voted a Blue Planet Hero by National Geographic. Over 80 non-releasable animals from around the world call Hawk Creek home while hundreds more are rehabilitated at the Center each year. Founded in East Aurora in 1987, Hawk Creek is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing wildlife education, rehabilitation, and conservation services to the community. ### Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, Inc. PO Box 662 East Aurora, NY 14052 Environmental Education – Wildlife Rehabilitation – Conservation PDF Release: Bringing the Wild to the NYS Fair
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Great Family Fun in the Medieval Sun

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 29, 2012 Contact: Matt Zymanek (716) 652-8646 [email protected] Event Date & Time: July 14, 15, 21, 22, 2012, 11-4pm Event Location: 655 Luther Rd East Aurora, NY 14052 Great Family Fun in the Medieval Sun East Aurora –Travel back into a time when giant, fire-breathing dragons and brave knights on white horses roamed the land! Come join Hawk Creek Wildlife Center for a medieval spectacle full of sword fights, jousting, flying birds and much, much more! The 25th annual WILD RENN FEST on the weekends of July 14, 15, 21 and 22, from 11:00am-4:00pm is highlighted by nationally renowned Jarod Miller of Animal Exploration, the brave knights of Brothers in Arms Jousting, the aerial acrobatics of free-flying birds during The Royal Tournament, and The Hopeless Romantics Comedy Show! Each event day is an opportunity to explore Hawk Creek’s resident wildlife with a medieval flair! Television celebrity Jarod Miller will share his eclectic collection of wildlife from around the world during his daily shows. Witness thrilling full-armored combat as professional jousters duel on horseback for their rights to the fair maidens of the land! Experience the awe and wonder of majestic birds of prey soaring directly overhead during the daily free flying bird shows. Laugh along with The Hopeless Romantics Comedy Show as you hear the story of Romeo & Juliet like never before! Children can become dragonologists as they explore the fact versus fiction of these scaly beasts and receive a free token to begin their own dragon collection (supplies limited). Hawk Creek’s medieval naturalists will be dispersed throughout the festival grounds for up-close and personal encounters with local and exotic wildlife. Exhibitors and entertainers are only the tip of the sword for these triumphant days. Enter the realm of the Bald Eagle in Walk with the Eagles™, where guests have the unique opportunity to stand face to face with our national symbol and capture its fierce beauty on camera. Delicious food and vendors selling their wares will also be available in a marketplace atmosphere, while kings, queens, jesters and peasants entertain audiences of all ages. This 2012 event is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors; Sonitrol, Noobis, Urban Design, The Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center, Anastasi Trucking & Paving, M & T Bank, and West Herr. Event parking is free and tickets are $14 for adults, $11 for veterans and seniors, $8 for children 5-12 (4 and under are free), and $32 for a family pass (up to 2 adults and 3 children). Tickets can be purchased at the gate or online (free shipping). 10% off online ticket purchases until July 3, 2012. Please visit or call 716-652-8646 for information and directions. No pets please. Event is rain or shine. Hawk Creek Wildlife Center is located at 655 Luther Rd. East Aurora, NY 14052. Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, Inc. has been featured on Rachael Ray, Conan O’Brien, PBS, and National Geographic. Over 80 non-releasable animals from around the world call Hawk…
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Wild Photo Day

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 25, 2012 Contact: Matt Zymanek Phone: (716) 652-8646 E-mail: [email protected] Event: Wild Photo Day Event Date & Time: August 25, 2012 10:00-2:00pm Event Location: 655 Luther Rd East Aurora, NY 14052 Wild Photo Day East Aurora – Increase your shutter speed and prepare for a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture animals in action, in their natural settings! Professional, amateur, and recreational photographers are invited to bring their cameras and venture into the wild during Hawk Creek Wildlife Center’s last event of the summer, Wild Photo Day on Saturday, August 25, 2012 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Join Hawk Creek’s wildlife experts as they provide a unique opportunity to photograph many of their popular, rare, and endangered animals up-close, in natural settings, and without barriers. Trying to get a shot of the Turkey Vulture in flight? Looking for that perfect bald eagle shot? Having trouble with your lighting when shooting at night? On Wild Photo Day the eagles, owls, falcons, wild cats, and more await you! Pre-registration is required as space is limited. Tickets can be purchased online (free shipping). Please visit or call 716-652-8646 for information and directions. Parking is free. No pets please. Event is rain or shine. Hawk Creek Wildlife Center is located at 655 Luther Rd. East Aurora, NY 14052. Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, Inc. has been featured on Rachael Ray, Conan O’Brien, PBS, and National Geographic. Over 80 non-releasable animals from around the world call Hawk Creek home while hundreds more are rehabilitated at the Center each year. Founded in East Aurora in 1987, Hawk Creek is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing wildlife education, rehabilitation, and conservation services to the community. ### PDF Release: Wild Photo Day
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Animals have fascinated and inspired cultures across the globe for centuries. They have become symbols of nations and of freedom. Unfortunately, many of the world’s animal species are struggling due not only to habitat destruction and pollution but to persecution and negative human-animal conflicts. Since 1987, Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, Inc., a not-for-profit 501c3, has been helping wildlife overcome these threats. Unfortunately, even after 26 years of education and rehabilitation efforts, the survival of wildlife across the globe remains tenuous.
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Mill Road Location

A letter from Hawk Creek’s Founder & Executive Director, Loretta Jones, on the relocation to Mill Road:
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First Golden Eagle Released into the Wild in 35 Years

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Support While You Shop

Support WILDLIFE While You SHOP! There are several EASY ways for you to support Hawk Creek this Holiday Season!   Simply pick one, or two, or more! 1.) Go to and/or, select “Hawk Creek Wildlife Center” as your cause, and shop away at hundreds of vendors who will donate up to 26% of your purchase to support the animals of Hawk Creek. You receive a deal and Hawk Creek receives vital funds to continue our mission. Its win-win for everyone! Vendors include big names like, Best Buy,, Land’s End, J C Penney, Pottery Barn, 1 800 Flowers, and many many more! 2.) When searching the web, use or as your search engine and simply select “Hawk Creek Wildlife Center” as your cause.  It’s the same as any other search engine, except each time you search you are generating donations to Hawk Creek! Supporting wildlife has never been easier! 3.) Want a truly unique gift? Check out Hawk Creek’s online store at You will be impressed with our selection of one-of-kind items for all ages: clothing, jewelry, wildlife prints, books, toys, museum-quality replica eggs, claws, skulls, and more!  All proceeds support wildlife! It’s that easy! Happy Holiday Season from the staff and animals of Hawk Creek!
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First Golden Eagle Released in 35 Years!

First Golden Eagle Released in 35 Years!  The young female golden eagle hatched last spring at Hawk Creek was successfully released into the wild on January 15, 2012 after attending “eagle college” at the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, Missouri. This momentous event was the first golden eagle release in the renowned Sanctuary’s 35 year existence. The appropriately named, “Legacy”, was returned to the same Midwest skies her permanently injured mother once soared in decades before. The eagle’s much anticipated release in St. Louis was captured through TV coverage and can be viewed here.  Legacy entered the world as a joyous surprise on May 16, 2011. Her parents, the 40 year old female golden eagle, Cherokee, and her 20 year old mate named Canyon both sustained previous injuries in the wild before being taken in by Hawk Creek in 2003 and 1995 respectively. Due to their age and life in captivity, a successful hatching was never anticipated. These two adult eagles proved that hope, faith, and the will to persevere can make the unimaginable, a reality. Legacy’s arrival was truly a miracle.  The remarkable young Legacy astounded her fans once again by confidently soaring into the blue skies this week after completing months of preparation for life in the wild. Back in September 2011, Hawk Creek staff drove the feathered passenger to the World Bird Sanctuary of St. Louis, Missouri for training. It was at this “eagle college’ that young Legacy built up the strength for flight and learned hunting skills crucial to her survival. The Sanctuary staff reported that Legacy spent her final week flying exuberantly, as if she sensed her coming release. And, although female eagles are typically 25% larger than their male counterparts, Legacy impressed everyone with her unusually immense size which proved too large for even the widest identification leg band.  Countless individuals touched by her story around the nation, now hope for her successful survival in the wild. Only time will now determine if Legacy’s lessons have equipped her for finding a wild golden eagle mate out west. Together, Legacy and her mate will help strengthen America’s declining golden eagle populations and begin a legacy of their own.  Hawk Creek Wildlife Center wishes to thank the World Bird Sanctuary for making Legacy’s release possible so that she may incite awareness of her kind while helping to replenish declining populations of America’s majestic golden eagle.  It’s not too late to become a part of Legacy’s incredible story! Although she is now flying free, her non-releasable parents, Cherokee and Canyon, continue to rely on Hawk Creek for care. Celebrate the flight of their Legacy and their everlasting bond by adopting Cherokee and Canyon for Valentine’s Day! This unique gift is perfect for the animal lover in your life and your adoption will help to support these majestic eagles throughout the year.  To hear more about Legacy and other exciting wildlife news at Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, “Like” us on Facebook here, and subscribe to our FREE…
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