connecting to nature




Led by one of our experienced naturalists, this 60 minute tour will introduce you to Hawk Creek’s permanent residents. This amazing experience will take you throughout the beautiful center grounds where you will have the opportunity to take amazing wildlife photos as you learn about each of our residents’ unique stories. (up to 50 people)

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Guests will be taken on an unforgettable 2 hour personal guided tour. Learn about our amazing residents and animal ambassadors behind-the-scenes through up-close animal encounters. It is a perfect opportunity to take wildlife photos! (up to 6 people).

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Ever wanted to know what it’s like to take care of Hawk Creek’s cats? Then this amazing 45 minute tour is for you! Led by one of our experienced cat handlers; guests will learn how we prep, feed, and take care of these charismatic felines. You will have the opportunity to find out more about these incredible animals and get purrrrfect photos of the cats in action!

Must be 16+ to participate. Due to safety reasons, participants cannot come in contact with our cats. This activity is weather dependent. Up to 6 people.

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Have an extraordinary face-to-face 30 minute encounter with the world’s prickliest animal! You will be given the opportunity to feed these amazing creatures as you learn their personal stories and how their cousins survive in the wild! This is a truly memorable experience and a perfect picture opportunity! Up to 10 people. 

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Discover amazing facts about our feline friends as you chill with our cats all while having your photos taken by a Hawk Creek photographer! The 30 minute experience takes place under the careful supervision of two of our experienced and knowledgeable handlers. 

Must be 16+ to participate, cannot have contact with our cats and must be able to sit quietly for the experience. This activity is weather dependent. Up to 6 people. 

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Come face to face with America’s national symbol during this 30 minute experience. This up-close encounter brings you closer to these magnificent animals while having your photos taken by a Hawk Creek photographer. This wonderful opportunity takes place with our experienced eagle handlers who will inform you on all things eagle!

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Ever wonder what its like to be a raptor handler? To feel the power of a falcons talons? This special photo opportunity is for you! Learn about raptors as you get closer than ever before! This experience will give guests raptor handling instructions from our most knowledgeable raptor handlers! Participants will then be given the amazing opportunity to hold one of our powerful non-native raptors and have their photo taken by a Hawk Creek photographer! Experiences typically run up to 30 minutes.

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Want to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment for your holiday cards? This picture-perfect opportunity will be taken on Hawk Creek’s beautiful grounds and is available for groups of all sizes. Two individuals in your group will be able to hold one of our incredible non-native raptors after a brief training period. Santa hats will be provided!

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