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Through its mission, Hawk Creek hopes to improve the lives of those who hear its message, bringing each person into a better relationship with the world around them. While we can only care for each animal one at a time, we have increasingly emphasized the critical importance of public outreach and education in the effort to save our world's precious wildlife. Each individual we reach, like each animal we save, can have a positive and lasting effect on our local, regional, and global environment. In this way, Hawk Creek has been and will continue to be a force of learning and growth in the community. Without nature, there is no future; without knowledge, humankind cannot protect its greatest asset: Earth.

Tours Although we are closed to the public except for our special events, we offer Private Tours! We can accommodate up to 50 people on an hour long tour. Private Tours can be booked from April-October. Price: $200.00

Exhibits Hawk Creek is available for exhibits! Our exhibits are perfect for large or small functions with people roaming about. Walk on up to an informational table filled with resources and educational materials. You will even be able to get up close with some of our trained animal ambassadors and learn about a variety of species. Reconnect to nature with us and hear our animal’s stories. We are flexible and can make sure we meet your needs, so no matter what type of event you are hosting we can make sure the best exhibit is available!

Programs Did you know that Hawk Creek Wildlife presents exciting and educational programs at nearly any venue and for any age group? We come to schools, libraries, nursing homes…etc! Let Hawk Creek help you bring concepts to life for your students or entertain and educate your guests. We can tailor any program to fit YOUR needs! Most of our live wildlife presentations are approximately 45-60 minutes long and may include a power point and bio-facts. Our wildlife ambassadors are highly trained and receive a high level of care and respect. Many of these animals sustained permanent injuries in the wild and could not survive on their own. By sharing their stories, our goal is to reconnect humans with the natural world. Audience participation is encouraged, and there is time for a brief question and answer period. Classroom programs meet many of the state educational requirements and are suitable for up to 100 people. Assemblies are also available for some of our programs!

Birthday Parties Birthdays only come once a year, why not make it WILD?! Hawk Creek can come to you! Full programs are available and are approximately 45-60 minutes long, which include a power point, bio-facts, and guest appearances by some of our animal residents who have very special birthday wishes for you. If you would prefer a table exhibit with informational materials and animal ambassadors that attendees stroll by, we can do that too! It’s YOUR special day and we would love to help celebrate in ways that work best for you! Old or young, we can help connect people back to their roots: nature.

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 Talk on the Wild Side  • Various Animals • 3rd Grade to Adult • No Slideshow

Talk on the Wild SideNot able to decide on one of our programs? Then this may be what you’re looking for! Are you most curious about birds of prey? Picture having a visit from a hawk, falcon, owl, and vulture so you not only hear about but see and appreciate the differences between the species! Are you more interested in what you may find locally? Ask about having a skunk, opossum, owl, and porcupine. The possibilities are endless and can be customized to suit your needs by simply checking out our resident animals and contacting our facility to see if they’re available for programs. (3rd grd. to adult. No slideshow)


 Tiny Talons • Raptors  • Pre-K to 2nd Grade • Group Only • No Slideshow

Tiny Talons

When you think “raptor,” what comes to mind? A hawk soaring in the thermals? An eagle scooping fish from the water? For every niche, there is a creature to fill it, and birds of prey are not excluded from this. This is your chance to get to know some of the smaller raptors out there, and to give children the opportunity to discover their kinship with animals and nurture their curiosity for the natural world. Through hands-on experience, children learn what makes a raptor unique among birds. Each presentation includes storytelling, three small birds of prey, plus touchable animal artifacts. (Pre-k to 2nd grd. No slideshow, group only)


Exhibits  • Various Animals • 3rd Grade to Adult • Group or Assembly

ExhibitsIt seems unassuming enough… a table set up like any other exhibit. However, as you get closer, you realize that there’s more than meets the eye! Hawks, owls, and other residents of Hawk Creek venture out to share their stories of survival and send you off with a feeling of purpose. It’s the perfect opportunity to have one-on-one discussions and present questions to Hawk Creek’s professional naturalists and to observe our awe-inspiring birds of prey! These are ideal for showcases with rotating groups or kiosk presentations at school events, meetings, and fairs.


Birthday Parties  •Various Animals • 3rd Grade to Adult 

Cake, ice cream, and wild animals??? Give your child (or treat yourself!) and their friends a truly unique experience by inviting Hawk Creek to the party. Three of our live animal ambassadors make guest appearances for both an educational and captivating presentation sure to thrill kids of all ages. For an additional donation, we provide coloring pages for a coloring contest, three prizes for the contest winners, and a gift for the birthday child! (30 min. program, all ages)


Harry Potter’s Owl  Various Animals • 3rd Grade to Adult 

Harry Potter's Owls

What child (or adult, for that matter) has seen the Harry Potter movies and not been enchanted by the owls as they grace the screen? There’s just something about their silent flight and agility that leaves people wanting more! Here’s your chance to meet three fascinating owls firsthand and hear the lore and legend of these mysterious creatures. Program lasts a half hour, and contains all the trimmings a Harry Potter fan could want. (3rd grd. to adult. No slideshow; group or birthday)


Eagle Exhibit  • Raptors • Pre-K to Adult 

From Classical antiquity to Medieval times—immerse yourself in the rich history of man’s relationship with birds of prey. In this engaging show featuring live raptors, experience