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2020 Schedule of Events
July 18 & 19, 2020
Quest for a Crew Flying Bird Show ~ The Wildlife Theater ~12:00 & 2:30 Join our swash buckling Captain to find a new crew for her ship! This entertaining and educational flying bird show should not be missed! 

Hawk Walk ~ Between the Wildlife Theater & Weathering Yard  1:00 pmGet ready to duck! Join Hawk Creek trainers and Chase the Harris’ Hawk for an up-close encounter as he weaves through the crowd!

Live Music~ Laguna Park 12:30-2:30Enjoy live music while the kids play games or get henna tattoos!

Dragons 11:00-4:00 pm 

Explore the myth and reality of dragons through an interactive scavenger hunt! All children that become modern day dragonologists and learn all about the real dragons of the world will receive a free token to start their dragon collection (supplies limited). See Hawk Creek’s dragons up-close, they won’t be shy!  Don’t worry—we’ll remember to feed them…

Find Fantastic Beasts!  11:00-4:00 pm

Meet some scaly and feathery friends with mythical flair! Hold a baby phoenix, meet a slithery snake or a giant toad! You may even find a real life DRAGON! 

Affection Section  ~ Roundpen in Savanna 11:00 am – 3:45 pm

Grab a brush and make some new friends! Don’t forget to look for the roving rock—Dozer the tortoise will be cruising around Eagle Park, but you never know where she will end up!  


Cirque du Rat— Tent in Laguna Park ~ 11:30 pm & 3:00 pm

Witness death defying stunts on a miniature, rodent sized scale! Our crew is ready to show you that rats are intelligent AND adorable!


Other Activities & Places To See:

  • Art & Basket Auction—Basecamp
  • Vendors selling their wares – throughout
  • Get your photo holding a nonnative raptor!-Weathering Yard
  • Discovery Tent—Laguna Park
  • Bounce House—Eagle Park
  • Gift Shop—Welcome Center
  • Information Tent—Basecamp
  • Refreshments—Watering Hole in Savanna
  • Farrier—Witness the age old art of blacksmithing! Sunday only.


Don’t forget to walk around the center to meet some of our naturalists and animals up-close!



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