In addition to caring for over 30 cheetahs of various ages, qualities of health, and temperament, a considerable amount of construction was well underway.  I am officially reliving the nightmare of building and relocating Hawk Creek from Luther Rd. to the center’s new location on Mill Rd.  This time with cheetahs, in Africa, with limited tools and a large crew of Somalilander labors to manage and communicate with.  Between the vet center, and current home to the cheetahs, to the new football field sized housing center, to even the staff house… work was needed everywhere.  From building enclosures to crafting a steel exam table to even fixing the burner on the gas stove, we took handyman work to the next level. Apparently, we also gave off the vibe of being snake wranglers as well.  The dirtiest and most dangerous job on site was plugging the many burrows of venomous snakes and other vermin. I quickly gave that job to Jarod, he has experience with venomous snakes and I draw a line in the sand at puff adders and rock pythons…I’d rather deal with the occasional rabid mongoose!

I formed this metal tabletop with a pair of pliers, a box cutter and a leftover piece of pipe to hammer it into place…. this is working in Africa with limited resources!
Jarod had to be careful with this job!!
Jarod and I worked together to make den boxes (shelters) for the cheetahs.