When venturing to any Muslim country westerners are immediately welcomed with a distinct set of cultural rules to follow.  Women must cover hair, legs and arms, and in many cases neck and face with a scarf or veil.  Loretta’s dress code became fashion for assimilation in addition to safety.  When eating you must remember to only use your right hand, left is only used for personal hygiene… first rule Loretta broke (being a south paw)  .  Forget about a beer while watching Manchester United take on Real Madrid or a cocktail at happy hour… alcohol is strictly forbidden.  However, you can choose plenty of non-alcoholic beverages or enjoy yourself a nice mouthful of “Chat”, which is a commonly chewed leaf possessing similar properties somewhere in the middle between Red Bull and cocaine… and perfectly legal.  We met many chat users on the work site, let’s say productivity increased in spikes throughout the day and sometimes overnight!  Your social life as a visitor can be quite limited if you’re a night owl.  There’s a mandatory driving curfew at 6 PM for NGO workers, and many areas can pose dangerous to unsuspecting tourists… Petty crime can be a concern because now everyone carries a $1K in their pocket (smart phone) and young punks know, and are willing to take the risk to relieve you of it.