After a long and relatively arduous journey, we finally touched down in Hargeisa.  Herds of dromedary camels greeted us as they seemed follow beneath us upon landing.  The relief of finally reaching our destination was quickly replaced by the reality of where we were, and the concern of if our shipments have joined us successfully.  We scurried off the tiny runway after a smooth outdoor deplaning.  The air was dry with a light breeze, with a climate like an average San Diego afternoon.  After clearing customs and nervously recovering all our cargo (of course ours were the last items to be unloaded), we exited the airport.  Passing militant looking security officers (1980’s style AK-47’s in hand) we were immediately greeted by an older, yet energetic, Brit named James.  With a fast hello, he whisked us and our gear to his safari-like Land Cruiser.  Dressed in classic khaki clothing he regaled us with stories of setting up wildlife NGO’s all over Africa.  Leaving life as a businessman in London, to seek adventure and help wildlife.  He gave us a nickel tour of both CCF sites before we retired for what should have been our first good night sleep in days.  BTW, when traveling anywhere abroad of course you’re subjected to an entire new set of cultural rules… we broke four within the first day… more on that later!

Hargeisa Airport