We ventured to a place that doesn’t exist because of our love of cheetahs but returned with a love and new understanding of a region of the world many westerners do not explore.  While sitting on a layover in the Addis Airport… it was finally time to relax and reflect on one of the most unique and challenging experiences abroad.  We were contractors, craftsmen, rehabbers, and cheetah trainers in one of the most foreign of foreign lands.  Regardless of heat, potential human conflict, language barriers, venomous snakes and bizarre cultural norms, we survived and prospered.  We followed our passion and in one way or another contributed to the survival to one of our planet’s most beloved and endangered species… The Cheetah! 

Special Thanks to the Somaliland team of The Cheetah Conservation Fund for hosting us and providing the opportunity to participate in such vital work!

Even the cheetah cannot outrun the danger of extinction. Together we can ensure the future of our planet’s fastest land animal.