Our first stop in Africa (besides a refueling stop in Togo) was the ancient city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  In the west, people may have some preconceived notion of Ethiopia, but our quick visit proved to be a real eye opener.  The Addis airport rivalled many US hubs and the Skylight hotel was as posh and full of amenities as any in Manhattan.  A fine dinner, hot shower, and comfy beds were a welcomed treat after a 15+ hour flight.  Still slept a little restlessly knowing in just hours we were off to a country that doesn’t exist, and in a region of the world where Americans are told DO NO TRAVEL TO.  We did what homework we could, had all of visas and security plans in hand… but what the heck are we getting into?  Too late now.  Hope our friends, family, and the US State Department were wrong!  Sleep tight!

Airport in Ethiopia!