Of the many rewarding experiences, we gained throughout the trip, the opportunity to present to Somalilander students was toward the top of the list.  On the last full day of our stay, we were asked to address a group of 200 plus teenagers at a local boarding school.  The subject of cheetah conservation was unique to the group, but well received.  After writing a PowerPoint, procuring a projector and going though the entire permit and security process again, we were off Ambarro, a village about an hour away. Operated by American educators and funded by a Somalilander businessman, the school’s student body (50% enrolled through scholarship) often go on to IV league universities all around the world.  The greatest come away from conveying conservation messaging to this group was that the current and next generation of Somalilander possess tremendous national pride, care about their natural resources, and are dedicated to come back and make their country a better place.

The future of our wildlife, especially these cheetah cubs, rest in the hands of our youth. This is why the education component of conservation is so critical.