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Geoffroy’s Cat Project


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Geoffroy’s Cats are one of the smallest wild cat species in the world, only growing to 4-10 pounds. There is not much known about this petite South American feline other than they are the second most hunted wild cat for their pelts. The lack of knowledge on the species and the increasing hunting pressure could endanger this wild cat in the future. By welcoming Mesa and Picchu to the center, Hawk Creek aims to increase awareness of Geoffroy’s and other small wild cats. These cats are founders of our breeding program meant to increase the number of Geoffroy’s Cats in captivity throughout the U.S. Currently there are only 50-80 Geoffroy’s Cats in captivity throughout the U.S. By increasing those numbers, we increase awareness and help ensure this amazing species continues to survive for future generations.

Mesa has been with Hawk Creek since June of 2014. Picchu arrived to complete the pair the next year. The two were introduced in December of 2015 and they have been enjoying each other’s company. If Mesa could talk, I’m sure she’d tell you Picchu has some growing up to do! Picchu playfully runs around their enclosure while Mesa prefers her time getting back scratches from the brush in their habitat. These joyful, playful cats are truly heartwarming to watch!