The holiday season is a time when we typically send out a letter about our adoption program and year-end tax-deductible donations to assist with the higher cost of caring for wildlife in the harsh winter months. This season we find ourselves in even more need of your help due to the many challenges we faced in 2014 including the recent “Snovember.”

Ninety and a half inches of snow fell in less than four days and was followed by warm temperatures proving to be a challenge for Hawk Creek’s current aging facility. Volunteers braved the storm to shovel the heavy snow off the roofs which kept all of the animals safe. We are grateful for our wonderful volunteers and lifesaving generator that kept the Center running during the storm. Unfortunately we did suffer structural damages and are now faced with an unplanned $7,000 in repairs and clean up. The facility sustained broken and compromised roof supports, roof damage, snapped fence posts, downed trees and other damages still to be discovered as the snow melts. One of the eight enclosures that suffered broken roof supports houses our two resident Turkey Vultures, Barf and Puke. Barf has educated over one million people and with his amazing flight style and obvious personality he captures the hearts of everyone he meets! Will you help “raise the roof” for Barf and his friends through our Adopt An Animal Program? All money raised from this program goes toward caring for the animals through enclosure repairs, food, heat, medical expenses, enrichment items and more.

Hawk Creek has eighty permanent residents that, like Barf, cannot return to their natural habitat and will spend the rest of their lives at our Center. Many have a permanent injury, while others have come to us from over-burdened sanctuaries or are retirees from endangered species breeding programs. The understanding and appreciation of wildlife and nature that each individual animal inspires cannot be understated. We consider it a privilege to share their stories with others. As our wildlife and the environment face greater challenges than in any previous generation, the connection and education Barf and his fellow Hawk Creek residents provide to the community are vitally important.

We are not open to the public and therefore we are unable to continuously generate admission fees and we receive no state or federal funding. Wild animals are unable to go home with new families so they will remain under Hawk Creek’s daily care for the rest of their lives. Facilities such as zoos are either full or do not accept physically disabled animals that require specialized care and enclosures. Animals such as the bald eagle, our national symbol, have life spans of over 60 years. When Hawk Creek makes the decision to accept an animal as an ambassador we are making a huge commitment that lasts for that animal’s lifetime. We can donate the labor for their care and a place to live, but we need your help to cover the financial commitment to the animals that call Hawk Creek home.


The wildlife ambassadors of Hawk Creek are asking for your generous donations to help cover the cost of facility repairs, heating, food, and medicine. During this holiday season, please consider adopting one (or more) of the animals at Hawk Creek as a gift or for yourself. Symbolically adopting an animal like Barf is a unique gift that gives twice! We will send your adoption packet to your gift recipient and you can feel good knowing that you are helping Barf and his friends through your tax-deductible donation during this difficult time. If this year has been good to you, share that good will with the animals of Hawk Creek and give your loved ones a wild and unique gift! Please visit our online store to pick your wild child!