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Jan 11 – Bad Omens?

I ordered some new luggage that is plain, nondescript bags that will fit into the overhead bin on the airplane.  African airports  are known for having valuables stolen from people’s luggage. Ironically, the luggage I ordered disappeared!  Never got... Read More »

Jan 9 – Clean up that social media!

HCWC: Last week I had informed Jarod to clean up his facebook pages and phone of anything that might be misconstrued as offensive to their religion. Read more.. Read More »

Jan 7 – No Reservations?!

HCWC:  Booking the hotel. I discovered that the hotel doesn’t take reservations and we have to pay in cash – definitely not a popular tourist area. Oh, and then there is the religious aspect of the region – an... Read More »

Jan 5 – Preparations

HCWC: Okay, now to prepare for the fun part, vaccinations! Below is a list of diseases we had to get vaccinated against…OUCH!! Read More »

Jan. 3 – More Cheetah Cubs Arrive..

CCF: Things are getting worse at CCF. The first temporary facility they built for the seized cheetah cubs is already at max capacity with more cheetahs Read More »

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