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Cheetah Conservation Fund

Day 20 – Reflecting on an Incredible Experience

We ventured to a place that doesn’t exist because of our love of cheetahs and conversation but returned with a love and new understanding of a region of the world many westerners do not explore. Read More »

Day 18 – Education & Public Awareness

Of the many rewarding experiences, we gained throughout the trip, the opportunity to present to Somalilander students was toward the top of the list. Read More »

Day 16 – Safety & Security

Especially for those you who grew up or were around in the 1990’s, Somali was always in news for its unrest and conflict, especially during the Clinton Administration. Read More »

Day 14 – Time to be Tourists

Having committed to a very challenging project and days of labor, we get out and have some fun. But we quickly realized that was also going to be challenging! Read More »

Day 12 – Saving Cheetahs: Dog Training and Lion Taming

In addition to the many skills and years of experience we brought to the project; advanced knowledge of animal training became extremely valuable at a time of transition. Read More »

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