furry owlBald eagles have made a remarkable comeback in New York State. Their population in NY was as low as a single bird in 1960 and increased to 173 breeding pairs in 2010. This increase in numbers is cause for celebration, however with more eagles out there more of them are in need of rehabilitation as they are poisoned, orphaned, hit by cars and get struck by wind turbines. This juvenile bald eagle, brought to us by the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, was found weak, emaciated and unable to fly by Lake Ontario. When the eagle was admitted in early September we knew that we were in a race to get her healthy, fit and released before migration was over. Since Bald Eagles are gregarious and are easily stressed, it is vital that they be near other eagles during recovery. Our resident eagles provided the calming effect this starving bird needed to allow her to gain weight and build her aerobic conditioning. Strong, powerful flights were the result of weeks of a specialized diet, supplements and physical therapy. On a beautiful fall day, a mature bald eagle soared in circles over our Center. Since our patient was a first year bird she had never migrated before, so when we saw a mature bald eagle flying overhead we seized the opportunity to release her. We knew having a companion to show her the way would keep her safer and show her the ropes. This magnificent bird was set free to join her relatives for fall migration.

Visit our Youtube page to watch the video of our nation’s symbol being released for her second chance at life in the wild!