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Day 10 – Unlikely Visitors -Incredible Buffalo Connection:

A major component to the success of CFF’s work is developing strong partnerships with the locals and especially government officials. Read More »

Day 8 – Saving Cheetahs, So Many Kittens!

Regardless of the journey and full emergence into a strange culture, the entire purpose of the adventure was to help save a single species. Read More »

Day 6 – Building

In addition to caring for over 30 cheetahs of various ages, qualities of health, and temperament, a considerable amount of construction was well underway. Read More »

Day 5 – Culture

When venturing to any Muslim country westerners are immediately welcomed with a distinct set of cultural rules to follow. Women must cover hair, legs and arms, and in many cases neck and face with a scarf or veil.... Read More »

Day 4 – Our First Day

Our first full day in Hargeisa began with a full tour of the city via a virtual scavenger hunt for supplies. James, accompanied by American college student Tyler, picked us from the Ambassador Hotel. Read More »

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