Hawk Creek’s Wish List

Help build a legacy by providing items & services needed to re-build Hawk Creek at it’s new location.
Please contact us for more information or if you have ideas!
716-652-8646 or [email protected]

Skills Needed:

Construction work

Electrical work

Land Clearing

Volunteers Needed:

Construction & Maintenance

Feeding & Cleaning


Landscaping & Gardening

Urgently Needed:

**Installation of generator

**Walk-in freezer


**10’x16’ shed

**Crusher run gravel (to make pathways wider for social distancing)


**Shelters or tents

**Enclosure Sponsors

**RodentPro Gift Certificates

**Amish Made Sheds

**Cargo Van/Sprinter Van


**Lawn Mowers

**Food for the animals: chickens, venison, game meat, organic beef and organic vegetables/fruit


Stain (contact for colors)

Golf Carts/Gator

Fundraising/Grant Writing



*20’x40’ Education Building

Amish Sheds 12’ x 16’ (call)

Pre-engineered Buildings
*Shelters for visitors



**Installation of natural gas generator to run entire facility in power outages

Paths & Roads:

Crusher run gravel

Grading, Fill, Gravel and slag

Mulch & Topsoil



Pressure Treated: 2x4x8; 2x4x10; 2x6x8; 2x6x10; 2x6x12; 6x6x10; 6x6x12

2x4x12 pt lumber

Hemlock: 1x6x8; 1x6x10

Reg Plywood 1/2”

PT Plywood 1/2” & 3/4”

Finished Plywood 1/2”

Hardwood Plank Flooring

1×6 tong & groove pine


18 volts & up screw guns

Screws for pressure

treated wood 1 5/8”,

2”, 2 ½ “,3,” 4”

Work gloves

DR Trimmer Mower

Miscellaneous Items:

*Medium refrigerator

8’ Black vinyl chain link

1 1/4” and 2’’ openings

Air conditioner

Boulders for habitats

Statues, artwork


Wheelbarrows, rakes, etc.

Fire extinguishers

Horse Trailer


Metal Chairs

Specialty Items:

Water feature for eagles

Water feature for cat pen

**Water feature for alligator enclosure

8’ wide water trough

Scout Transmitters for

Marshall receiver

Falconry gloves

Gift Certificates:


*Reboys Supply

*Clyde’s Feed (Hamburg)

*Hawkeye Falconry Supply Wegmans, Petsmart, Tops,

84 Lumber, Value, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sherwin Williams

Everyday Needs:

Paper towels

Gallon size freezer bags

Fruits, Vegetables, Venison & other

game (under 1 yr. old, no additives)

9”x12” Envelopes

Postage stamps

colored paper

11”x17” (60 lbs) copier paper

Letter size copier paper


Tree removal

Cleaning up land

Concrete removal

Enclosure building

Horticulture & gardening


Repair work on existing house