Unique Events and Shows

Planning a party for the office, but have no ideas how to spice it up? What about a grand opening that really needs to pop? Maybe there’s an annual event and the attendee’s want to be wowed? Whatever you have going on Hawk Creek can be there! Hawk Creek is guaranteed to bring out the wild side of any corporate event. Our presentations are approximately 45-60 minutes long and may include a power point, bio-facts, and stunning demonstrations provided by our animal ambassadors. Our exhibit booths consist of a table set up, with some informational materials as well as animal ambassadors, and provide a quick way to learn about our animals and mission. We place a huge emphasis of the importance of public outreach and education in the effort to save our world’s precious wildlife. Each individual we reach, like each animal we save, can have a positive and lasting effect on our local, regional, and global environment. In this way, Hawk Creek has been and will continue to be a force of learning and growth in the community.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays only come once a year, why not make it WILD?! Hawk Creek can come to you! Full programs are available and are approximately 45-60 minutes long, which include a power point, bio-facts, and guest appearances by some of our animal residents who have very special birthday wishes for you. If you would prefer a table exhibit with informational materials and animal ambassadors that attendees stroll by, we can do that too! It’s YOUR special day and we would love to help celebrate in ways that work best for you! Old or young, we can help connect people back to their roots: nature.

To learn more or set up an event, please contact: [email protected] or call (716) 652-8646