Training success!

Apache, the female golden eagle, has been excelling in her training to join Hawk Creek’s ambassador animal team! This process has involved a lot of time, offering choices during training sessions, and building trust to make sure she is comfortable and confident!

Apache headed out to the New York State Fair with our staff for the first time, and is showing off just how well she is doing! She came out between shows, roused twice, and preened for about 20 seconds which shows us that she is comfortable with her new surroundings. Apache didn’t even mind the golf carts and scooters around at the fair! There are still a few things she is working on, like getting used to the tent opening.

Overall, we are excited with her progress and the potential she has to help us educate and inspire for years to come.

In addition to being part of our ambassador animal program, Apache is also a wonderful companion for Canyon the male golden eagle.