Discover your wild roots Buffalo Groundhog Day hosts an annual fundraiser. DONATE Many ways to help! Brady Corp fabricated many signs you see at the Center. MORE CORPORATE SPONSORS Passionate for wildlife Bar Bill hosted a golf tournament and donates food for our animals ADOPT NOW Protecting the future Sonitrol Security Systems provide security monitoring. LEARN MORE Breathtaking aerial displays at our events and programs MEET ME

Without the help of our sponsors, Hawk Creek Wildlife Center could never have become what it is today.
It is their continuing support that allows us to exist, and for that, they have our gratitude.


Buffalo Groundhog Society for sponsoring Buffalo Bert.

David Jones for his unwavering support, break down of Luther road facility and help getting to Africa

Doreen Adelman running Grover Rd Plant Sale fundraiser.

Dr. Carl Tomaschke for his excellent veterinary care & support.

Seneca Animal Hospital Staff for their incredible care and support

Charles McCollum for photos and sponsoring human toilets. YEAH!

Bob & Carol Reese for sponsoring so many of our Reboy’s bills

City Fence for donating wooden fencing for the flight pen

Marty Adelman maintaining our server and computers.

Davis Tree Service for tree service and an endless supply of wood chips.

Jeff and Abigail Embow for a generator and refrigerator.

Bar-Bill Tavern for weekly animal food.

Sonitrol Security Systems of WNY for all your years of support!

Lonnie and David Schorer for the antique organ, rugs and 2 sets of antique dining booths.

Bob and Andy Embow for the stage coach wagon and the little antique wagon

WGRZ-TV for unbelievable help with advertising.

Urban Design for your continued generosity.

Barbara for a constant supply of animal food.

Fattey Beer Co, Nik Fattey supporting our Wild Brews fundraiser

Michele and Agnese Cestone Foundation for the grant

Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo for the grant

Board of Directors for all your hard work & dedication.

Gregoire Family for the refrigerator.

Bonnie Hogan for books and mad craft skills at our events.

Dr. Matthew Dunaif for his excellent veterinary care & support.

Jon & Jeff Brennan, Noobis Inc. for web development & hosting.

Pam Biesik for saving us!

Joe Petillo for helping with our generator.

Hannon Site Development for millings and moving the wagon.

Kassia Delgado for so many things from our wish list.

Photographers that donated photos: Chuck McCollum, Rodney Michael Spencer, Orlando Monaco, Mary Kay Talarico, Kim Russell, Gordon Tracz

Robert and Cathleen Fiscus for the Rodent Pro gift certificate.

Amy Lewis for the Rodent Pro gift certificate.

Susan Paul-Saladino for the gift card to Clyde’s Feed Store.

Jeff Rishel for 3 chest freezers and animal food.

Marian Dobiesz for power tools and towels.

Sally Ruppenthal for plants.

Animals Anonymous Apparel for face masks

Sheridan Surgical for face masks.

Bender’s Technical Detailing for the small refrigerator and pots.

Michelle Gould for large animal crates.

Tom Greenauer Development for donating crusher run gravel.

Carol Gianadda for plants.

James and Janeen Wilders for a lot of animal care supplies.

Fences by Precision for helping us with chain link.

Billy Heywood for continuous supply of animal food.

Walter Pawlowski for construction tools.

Shannon Schaff for the bird and rabbit cages.

Barbara Taylor for 3 parrot cages.

Marie Clark for the Clyde’s gift card.

Arthur Todtenhagen for 20 bales of straw.

Linda Viscusi for men’s and women’s perfume.

Kendal Larsen for being the tractor man and all of the amazing things that just appear.

EALGES (500 & UP)

AAA Hudson Valley, Inc.

AAA Western & CNY

Adele & George DeTitta

Advantage Trucks & Salvage, Inc.

Allie Loesch

Allied Mechanical, Inc.

Anastasi Trucking & Paving Co

Annelore Kurtz

Arlene & Ruth Mathews Fund

Audrey Koscielnaik

Avalon Servicesuyty

B.J. Muirhead Co., Inc.

Barb Kurzowski

Barbara Magin

Bar-Bill Tavern

Bob & Carol Reese

Bonnie Hogan

Bounce Nation, Inc.

Brady Corp.

Buffalo Ground Hog Society

Burgio, Curvin & Banker

Capital Fence Company

Carl & Susan Lis

Carlos Li & Toni Ferrario

Carmina & Wood Architecture

Carol Babcock Trust

Carol Johnston

Carolyn & John Yurtchuk

Catherine Luther

Catt Family Foundation

Charles W. McCollum

Christopher & Kali Jones

Ciminelli Development Co.

Ciminelli Real Estate Corp.

Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker

Commercial Pipe & Supply Corp.

Concept Construction Corp.

Constance & Robert Brown

Cook Corrigan Moving System

Cosmetic Vein & Laser Ctr

Crafting for Critters

Custom Canvas Mfg. Co.

Cynthia Derenda

Dash’s Markets, Inc.

David & Jean Farmelo

David & Connie Weaver

David & Karen West

David Kennedy Jr.

David P. Jones

Davis Tree Services & Landscaping

Dean & Donna Orman

Deborah Lyn Chambers

Dedrick Family Foundation

Dedrick Family Foundation

Dianne Galardo

Different Design, Inc

Donald & Marian Blady

Dorothy & Gunther Piepke

Dorothy Namulik

Doug & Barbara Laughton

Douglas Marky

Dr & Mrs. Norm Schaaf

Dr. Mike’s Furry Friends Sm. An. Clinic

Dr. Nancy Smyth

E & D Specialty Stands

EA Veterinary Hosp

Edward & Patricia Dudek

Elizabeth Lockwood

Ellen MacDonald


Ervin & Dolores Bourne

Eulalia Dempsey Charitable Trust

Fred Szatkowski, Artist in Wildlife & Nature

Gordon & Diana Tracz

Grand Lady Cruises

Gregory Bank

Grove Roofing Services, Inc.

H.G. Miller Farm, Inc.

Henri Woodman, MD

Herbert & Jane Darling Phil. Fund

Howard Hanna WNY, Inc.

HSBC Philanthropic Programs

J.W. Danforth

James & Karen Maloney

James & Melissa Jerge

James Kelly, Robert J & Martha B Fierle Found

Janet Ruhl

Janie E. MacDonald

Jarod Miller Production Inc.

Jeffery Witkowski

Jim & Rebecca Loree

Joan M Doerr

Joe-Knee Elice

John & Eileen Scannell

John & Monika Teneyck

John Jablonski

Jon Brennan, Noobis

Judith Travers, Travers & Co.

Justin & Caitlin Jones

Kassia Delgado

Kathleen A. Szewczyk Estate

Kathleen Gleason

Kathleen Le Fauve

Kathryn Lyons

Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust

Kent & Laurie Frey

Kevin & Danielle Robillard

Kone King East

Lauren Chmeilowicz, Upstate Steel

Lenora Henson & Neil O’Donnell

Leo Wanstreet

Linda Rossin Studios

Linda Viscusi

Lisa & Albert Pitzonka

Loretta Jones

Lou & Joan Jacobs

Lynne Smith

Karen Sievenpiper

Kassia Delgado

Kathleen Gleason

Kathy Kouwe, Young Living EO

Kenneth & Jane Swain

Kathleen Szewczyk, In Memory of

Kenneth A. Scott Char. Trust

Kent & Laurie Frey

Kone King East

Krause and Gantzer Land Surveyors

Lauren Chmeilowicz, Upstate Steel

LBM Construction Inc.

Lenora Henson

Leo & Linda Wanstreet

Linda Rossin Studios

Lisa & Albert Pitzonka

Loretta Jones

Lou & Joan Jacobs

Lynne Smith

M & T Bank

M & T Charitable Foundation

Maria Genero, WGRZ-TV

Mark Zybert, PM Plastics Inc.

Marty & Doreen Adelman

Mary Christopher

Mary Jean Lowe

McDonald’s of East Aurora

McGard Industries

Meibohm Fine Arts

Melinda Brewer

Melissa Baumgart

Mentholatum Company, Inc.

Merrill Lynch/Nicholson Group

Michael & Jeanne Wright

Michael Barillari & Vicki Eberth

Michael Hausauer

Michael Sarapa

Michele & Agnese Cestone Foun

Mike Four Seasons Tree Service

M-Power Sales Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Parrish

Murray Bros. Nurseries, Inc.

Nancy Bridenbaker

Nancy Schoellkopf

Natural Heritage Trust

Nature’s Scene Art of Traderhorn

New Wave Energy Corp

New York Power Authority

Norberg’s Art & Frame


Northeast Diversification Inc.

Pamela Rose

Pat Cooper

Patricia & David Gerken

Paul & Eden Dedrick

Paul & Tara Nickel

Paul Hogan

Peter & Elizabeth C. Tower Found.

Peter Schreier

Phillips Lytle LLP

Pizza Del Aureo’s

PM Plastics

Polymer Conversions, Inc.

Princess Cruises

Rammer Nursery Co.

Reboy Supply Inc.

Reichert Property Services

Richard Garman

Robert Bateman

Robert DeTamble, Sr.

Robert Embow

Robert Flickinger Charitable Trust

Ron Files, Sonitrol Security

Russell & Barbara Jones

Russell & Anita Miller

Sahlem’s Roofing & Siding Inc

Scott Turner

Scott, Danahy Naylon Co., Inc

Seneca Animal Hosp

Seymour H. Knox Foundation.

Sharon Schiffhauer

Shuolun Ruan

Sonitrol Security Systems of WNY

Southtowns Buffalo Harley-Davidson

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Steven & Barbara Zillig

Susan T. Witt

Tami & Randy Loftus

The Hood Guys, Inc.

The Merck Foundation

The Nicholson Group/Merrill Lynch

Thomas Bennett

Thomas Greenauer

Thomas Sanderson

Tim Hucko

Tony & Linda Rinella

Town of Aurora Highway Dept.

Tricia & Henry Semmelhack

United Way Greater Rochester

Urban Design

Val Tech Holdings

Virginia Sullivan

Walden Galleria Mall

Walter & Mary Jane Pawlowki

Wayne & Judy Holly

West Herr Automotive Group

William F. Long Fund

Young Living

HAWKS ($250-$499)

A&M Signs

Alan & Dawn Davis

Alice & David Lagraves

Allison O’Connor


Arlene Felckowski

Baird Foundation

Bank of America Charitable Gift

Barbara Fields

Barbara Reed

Beth Bidwell

Billy Heywood

Braden Gothard

Brenda Emens

Carin Jordan

Carleen Blake Ryan

Carol & Ralph Turansky

Carolyn Musial

Carolyn Osborne

Catherine Chatfield

Cathleen Jeffers

Cellino Plumbing

Christina Michalczak

Christina Tucci

Christine & Patrick Kennedy

Christine & Thomas Beck

Christine Negvesky

Christopher & Angela Lindsley

Cindy Adams

Clarice Burgwardt

Clifton Park Physical Ther

CVM Electric Inc.

Dave & Lonnie Schorer

David & Cynthia Silverstein

David Batt & Michael Shanahan

Diamond Manufacturing

Diane Balodis

Dianne & Irving Rubin

Donna & Gary Spencer

Donna Oleszek

Dopkins & Company, LLP

Douglas Coveny

Eagle House Restaurant

Financial Trust

Greg & Sue Gurney

Heather Austin

Isadora Ullrich

James Covino

James Reynolds

Janet & Robert Cunfer

Janet & Todd Shields

Janice & Joseph Cocina

Jay Bauer

Jean Marie Stackpoole

Jeffrey & Wende Birtch

Jerome & Babette Leisner

Jerrold & Judith Ferraro

John & Mary Gilbert

John Moscato

John Quesada

John Schaffer

Judy Brummer

Juliann Van Woert

Karen Sievenpiper

Karen Enright

Karen Sharf

Kathleen & Michael Greean

Keith Mitchell, Samuel, Son & Co.

Kelley Worth

Kenneth & Marlene Benson

Kirk Barton

Kristine Bender

Lawrence Schwindler

Linda Aidala

Linda Jenkin

Linnea Saunders

Lisa Errington

Lonnie & David Schorer

Loomis Root, Inc.

Mader Construction Co., Inc.

Marc & Alice Joseffer

Margaret Coyle-Civiletto

Margaret Smith

Mark & Jean Brockner

Mary Pat & Frank Schreck

Michael & Chris Pryor

Michelle Lewis

Mr. & Mrs. Paul N. Sheldon

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Penfold

Nancy Johnston

Necia A. Black Trust

Nicholas & Darlene DiCesare

Pamela Hoffman

Patricia & David Gerken

Patricia & John Cravens

Patricia Hakel

Patrick & Patricia Carmody

Paul Hogan

Paula & Edward Colburn

Peggy Bohnert

Phillips Lytle LLP

Queen City Guilding

Raymond Ball

Rich Thompson

Richard Ackman

Richard Grupp

Richard Shaw

Robert & Doreen Schafer

Robert & Marilyn Alspaugh

Robshaw & Associates

RSR Construction Corp.

Sally & Frank Needham

Sarah Phelps

Sigrid Weinschreider

Sonitrol Security Employees

Sterling Treadwell

Susan Macchioni

Sylvia Whitmore

Tami & Randy Loftus

Tara Renner

The Partners Group

Thomas & Deborah Sticht

Thomas S. Kolbert

Todd Smith

Tom Greenauer

Tom & Mary Ann Mazgajewski

Tom Greenauer Dev., Inc.

Tom Wood

Trans American

William & Nancy Burke

William & Victoria Walbesser

William Regan