Welcome to Hawk Creek!

100% of the proceeds help Wildlife. If you are looking for wildlife-themed gift ideas for yourself, friends and family, this is the place!. We have hats, clothing, toys, books, jewelry, gifts and more. Hawk Creek's ADOPT-A-WILD CHILD program provides everyone the opportunity to help us with the daily care care for our precious wildlife and allow us to bring WILD ambassadors to schools. While becoming an adoptive "parent," don't forget your friends and relatives. Gift adoptions are available!


Get started by choosing your animal from the Adoption drop-down menu above!

Once you select your Wild Child, choose from one of the following adoption levels:

Aunt & Uncle – $40
5×7 photo & life history of your adopted animal, natural history, an adoptions certificate, & 1 year subscription of HCWC’s newsletter.

Grandparent Level – $75
The above benefits plus two admission tickets (each good for one individual) that can be used for our Wild Earth Day, Raptors, or Wild Renn Fest events!

Brother & Sister Level – $100
The above benefits plus a special gift from our store.

Parent Level – $250
All previous benefits plus a HawkCreek t-shirt. Please include size in Special Instructions section of shopping cart.


Zoos acquire animals for exhibit and therefore are able to generate funds from entrance fees. Humane shelters rescue domestic animals that after a short period of time can be placed in a home with people. Unlike a zoo, Hawk Creek is not open to the public and unlike a shelter, we cannot send WILD animals home with the public. Our permanent residents cannot be released into the wild and must remain in our sanctuary for the rest of their natural lives. Some of them have life spans of over 60 years, such as our national symbol, the bald eagle! You, the adopter, are these animals’ lifeline. Your adoption of one of these rare animals will help support your “Wild Child” by providing necessary food and shelter. Please visit our resident animals page to meet our educational ambassadors and read their stories.

Hawk Creek has over eighty permanent residents who cannot be returned to their natural habitat and will spend the rest of their lives here. There are many reasons why these animals cannot be released back into the wild.  Many are permanently injured through contact with man and a few have been illegally kept as pets, imprinting on human beings.  Othrs have come to us from over-burdened sanctuaries and some have been retired from endangered animal breeding programs.  The understanding and appreciation that each unique individual cannot be understated.  We consider ourselves privileged not only to work with these creatures, but to share them with the public in a way that fosters learning and growth in an age when the health of our wildlife and environment is more of a concern than ever.