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This Special Adoption Package by species includes a factsheet, photo, bio, certificate, 12” plush animal and a Hawk Creek tote.   

Give your loved one a gift from the heart, the one that gives back! Your adoption helps cover the cost of food, housing, enrichment and medicine for your adopted wild child and their friends!

Symbolically adopting an animal is truly a unique gift for the animal lover in your life! We will send your adoption packet to your gift recipient (or to you if you’d like to give it in person!) and you can feel good knowing that you are helping Skye or Harley through your tax-deductible donation. Please indicate the recipient’s name as you would like it to appear on the adoption certificate in the “Notes” section at check out!


Harley the Blue & Gold Macaw:

An Ohio parrot breeder placed Harley at our center when she had to relocate.  Macaws are extremely intelligent, colorful, and long-lived birds that require special care.  Harley speaks over 50 words and usually says them at the appropriate time, illustrating that he has some comprehension of their meaning.  Harley seems to suffer from an identity crisis.  When asked “What will you be when you grow up?” Harley responds with “EAGLE!”                          Hatched: 2/1989                        Arrived: 6/1990


Skye the Hyacinth Macaw:

Skye came from a Long Island home where she was basically ignored for 10 years. Her species requires special nuts in their diet which she was not fed. Skye’s poor diet left her with irreversible, lifelong handicaps. She developed a heart murmur and cataracts in both eyes, rendering her partially blind.  After many weeks of a proper diet her feathers turned from a pale gray to her beautiful blue.  Unfortunately, now this endangered bird cannot be used for re-population.                              Hatched: 1/1/1998                     Arrived: 10/22/09


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