Meisha, African Serval


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African Serval

This female African Serval was once an exotic pet. Due to personal circumstances, Meisha’s owner could no longer care for her properly, so he sought out a qualified home for his beloved companion. Although no longer legal in New York, the serval was once one of the more common exotic cat species kept as a pet. The large ears and long legs of these animals make them adept rodent hunters in their habitat of the grasslands in Africa. 

Born:  5/10/2000             Arrived: 12/2/2014 


Choose your adoption level!

When adopting, select your adoption level as follows:

Aunt & Uncle – $40
5×7 photo & life history of your adopted animal, natural history, an adoptions certificate, & 1 year subscription of HCWC’s newsletter.

Grandparent Level – $75
The above benefits plus two admission tickets (each good for one individual) that can be used for our Wild Earth Day, Raptors, or Wild Renn Fest events! 

Brother & Sister Level – $100
The above benefits plus a special gift from our store.

Parent Level – $250
All previous benefits plus a Hawk Creek t-shirt. Please include size in Special Instructions section of shopping cart.


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