Giving Tuesday

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During these uncertain times Hawk Creek is doing our part during the Coronavirus pandemic by continuing to provide essential services to the community. Through our rehabilitation and rescue mission we are monitoring the animals that are vital barometers of the environment. Just like the canaries in the coalmines that warned miners of dangerous gases, wildlife warns us about the health of our environment such as diseases. In addition, our resident non-releasable ambassadors are continuing to spread the message of environmental stewardship and hope to all of you at home through our virtual content.

These animals are given a second chance to help humans in more ways than simply their vital ecological roles. Wild animals touch something deep in our souls; how many of you during this time of isolation have found solace in bird watching or observing a fox raise her young in your backyard? When someone brings us an owl that has been hit by a car, the pain of the rescuers is palpable. Stronger than that pain is the overwhelming joy and hope that is felt when that once broken owl is released back into the wild to continue her vital work. The triumph of that moment cannot be expressed in words. Not every rescue story has this perfect ending however, some animals do not recover sufficiently to be released. These animals are given a new purpose in life, to inspire people. These educational ambassadors provide the conduit though which we can share stories of triumph, heartache and hope.  This is the work that Hawk Creek performs, and it is not possible without you.

Fulfilling our mission and feeding these injured and orphaned patients and the 100 permanent resident animals of Hawk Creek is no small task, especially when most of them are carnivores! Rest assured that our committed, courageous caregivers are working tirelessly to provide for these animals. As a nonprofit (no state or federal funding) organization we rely on program revenue, ticket sales, memberships, animal adoptions and volunteers, all of which has stopped.

This loss of revenue has a devastating impact on our operating budget and having volunteers stay safely home is stretching our already skeleton crew to the limit. We know this is an uncertain time for everyone, but if you are able, please give a gift to wildlife today, on #GivingTuesdayNow. Your donation, no matter the amount, will provide food, medical care, bedding, utilities and other vital supplies to continue caring for our 100 animal residents and wildlife patients.

We hope all of you are staying healthy and we cannot wait to welcome all of you to join us again soon so we may continue to share these incredible animals with all of you.


Soar with the Eagles,

Loretta Jones

Founder & Executive Director