Adoption Tote – Bald Eagle



Product Description

This special Adoption Tote includes “Gryphon’s” factsheet, photo, bio, certificate, Bald Eagle plush, calendar, event tickets, Hawk Creek tote and a special gift! 

Your adoption helps cover the cost of heating, food, and medicine. During this holiday season, please consider adopting one (or more) of the animals at Hawk Creek as a gift or for yourself. Symbolically adopting an animal is truly a unique gift that gives twice! We will send your adoption packet to your gift recipient and you can feel good knowing that you are helping Maverick through your tax-deductible donation.  If this year has been good to you, share that good will with the animals of Hawk Creek and give your loved ones a truly wild and unique gift!

Gryphon the Bald Eagle

Gryphon was found as a young bird tangled in discarded fishing line. The line had wrapped tightly around his wings and feet. The constriction of the line caused him to lose a toe and suffer permanent damage to his wings, which prevents him from flying. Gryphon is a daily reminder that humans must use more caution with what we leave in our environment. Discarded fishing line is a common threat for fish eating bald eagles in the wild.

Est. Hatched: 5/1/2006              Arrived: 4/28/2017