Adoption Tote – 3 Small Mystery Plush



Product Description

“Adoption Tote – 3 Small Mystery Plush” includes photos, bios, certificate, three mystery 8″ plush animals, calendar, bookmark and a Hawk Creek tote.  

*photo shows an example of the animals that might be in your mystery tote!*

Your adoption helps cover the cost of heating, food, and medicine. During this holiday season, please consider adopting one (or more) of the animals at Hawk Creek as a gift or for yourself. Symbolically adopting an animal is truly a unique gift that gives twice! We will send your adoption packet to your gift recipient and you can feel good knowing that you are helping all of our animal residents through your tax-deductible donation.  If this year has been good to you, share that good will with the animals of Hawk Creek and give your loved ones a truly wild and unique gift!