Learn about different animals in various habitats, while exploring nature with children in Wonderful Nature, Wonderful You. This inspirational book for kids will also allow children to develop a deeper appreciation for the life lessons one can learn by observing nature outdoors.

In Wonderful Nature, Wonderful You, inspiration and fascinating facts about nature are gracefully woven together making this book the perfect social emotional book for kids.

Nature can be a great teacher! With a light touch especially suited for children, Karin Ireland explores the lessons of nature and finds their relevance to all of us. By looking at various animals like an opossum, a green sea turtle, a snake, and many more, nature becomes a metaphor for positive social and emotional development, dynamically brought to life by illustrator Christopher Canyon.

  • AGES 5-9

Parents, teachers, gift givers, and many others will find:

  • Explore More for Kids: photos and information about the animals in this book.
  • Explore More for Teachers & Parents: Activities for home and school to build on the knowledge in this book.