Owl pellet dissection can be a great way to provide hands on instruction to students studying the natural sciences and concepts of skeletal composition, ecological principles, and the role of predator and prey in the natural world.

Owl pellets are composed of the remains of prey that have been swallowed whole by owls.  After digestion is complete (within 12 to 24 hours), an owl will bring up a pellet out of its mouth. These pellets contain the indigestibleportions of the owl’s prey, usually consisting of small bones, teeth, claws, or insect parts stuck together with bits of fur or feathers. Careful dissection of the pellets can reveal the tiny skeletal structures of the owl’s prey. It is often possible to reconstruct an entire skeleton from a single owl pellet!

Pellets from our center have been sterilized, and are ready to dissect. All the funds from the sale of our owl pellets go directly to the care and rehabilitation of the animals at Hawk Creek!

Owl pellets are $2.50 each, if you would like to purchase a dozen or more please select Owl Pellets, DOZEN product to save! Owl pellets are also a great addition to our Tiny Talons and Silent Hunter’s Programs! Call 716-652-8646 to book your program and order your owl pellets for a discounted rate (with program booking)!