This adult female Bald Eagle, One Wing, was used for target practice and was shot from a telephone pole in Oklahoma. She broke three bones in her wing and is unable to fly. She spent 18 months in New Mexico at an eagle hospital, was deemed non-releasable, and then was sent to Hawk Creek. This majestic creature had stolen from her exactly what she is a symbol of—freedom. One Wing was the inspiration for our Walk with the Eagles™ sanctuary, and is a daily reminder that our work here is not done.Hatched: 5/1/1990     Arrived: 3/26/1992

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When adopting, select your adoption level as follows:

Aunt & Uncle – $40
Photo with a life history of your adopted animal, fact sheet, an adoption certificate, and a Hawk Creek calendar.

Grandparent Level – $75
The above benefits plus two admission tickets (each good for one individual) that can be used for our Wild Earth Day, Animal Play Day, Enchanted Wild Fest or Spooky Safari!

Brother & Sister Level – $100
The above benefits plus a special gift from our store.

Parent Level – $250
All previous benefits plus a Hawk Creek t-shirt. Please include size in Special Instructions section of shopping cart.