Donation – Help Save our Birds, Protect our Legacy

Donation – Help Save our Birds, Protect our Legacy


Can the birds that call Hawk Creek home count on you to help?

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In our 35 years of working with wildlife, we have never faced a challenge like this. In the span of just two months Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) spread to 24 states and was reported just 65 miles from Hawk Creek, a distance birds can fly in a single night. This disease is highly transmissible through wild bird droppings and is nearly 100% fatal in raptors. Over 40 million birds have already perished in the US alone.  Raptors specifically are one of the hardest hit species along with poultry and many types of waterfowl. The USDA is watching this closely because it has already crossed over to a few mammal species.

Over 40 million US birds have died from this new strain of avian influenza so far.

At Hawk Creek these ambassador birds aren’t just our family, they inspire millions of people each year to care for birds and our planet. As one of the largest raptor centers in the North East, we were especially concerned about this deadly disease’s potential to wipe out our entire flock. Hawk Creek cares for rare and endangered species that are invaluable genetically and helping save their species in the wild. Two of these rare eagles are the only breeding pair in the United States and one of only five known ex situ breeding pairs in the world.

We have an immense responsibility to keep these birds safe for the future of their species.

Extensive emergency exhibit modifications included covering the tops of all bird enclosures and creating custom tarp covers for the front of the mesh to keep wild birds and their droppings out. We’ve increased biosecurity protocols and are constantly reassessing current threats. HPAI is a real and imminent threat and we cannot get complacent. This strain is so contagious that if even one of our birds becomes infected the result would be catastrophic. There are still some vital modifications that need to be completed, including a few exhibit top covers and  installing netting for protection. Can the birds that call Hawk Creek home count on you to help?

As we have all learned these past few years, other important projects don’t stop in their tracks during difficult times. The funds that were set aside for other expenses like ZAA accreditation have been completely depleted with all the avian influenza modifications that simply could not have been predicted or delayed. What is left on our list for ZAA accreditation is a new generator in case of emergency power outages and outdoor stone dens for our wild cats.

We are confident that with the help of our community we can overcome this setback.

We want to thank every person that has donated in the past and helped us work towards our ZAA goals. With your help we were able to purchase a walk in freezer that has been something we could only dream of for the last 35 years. It has been a challenging process, especially due to supply chain issues, but we are thrilled to be preparing for our walk in freezer to be installed this fall. Your donation is making an impact!

At Hawk Creek, we always put the animals first. It was our responsibility to jump into action to save our birds and protect our shared legacy of education and resiliency. 


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Bluebird Level – $25, Falcon Level – $50, Owl Level – $100, Hawk Level – $250, Vulture Level – $500, Eagle Level – $1,000

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