Since 2013, Hawk Creek has worked to save the world’s eagle species through captive propagation and public awareness of their protection. Sia is one of the largest organizations in the world dedicated to the survival of all eagle species and shares our goals and passion for their conservation. Through this partnership, Hawk Creek now hosts a diverse cast of eagle educators including Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Martial Eagle, Verreaux’s Eagle and Bateleur Eagles.

Columbus Zoo

In 2019, Hawk Creek was chosen as an ideal site to house and breed the rare and elusive sand cat. In a collaborative loan agreement with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, we have created an onsite breeding program, which has successfully produced a number of genetically valuable kittens for exhibit and future propagation… ensuring genetic diversity of the species in the American zoological community.

Fishing Cat Conservancy

Since 2017, Hawk Creek has worked in collaboration Dr. Ashwin Naidu to spread awareness to conserve the fishing cat and its native mangrove habitat in India. In addition to financially supporting his vital work, we provide Dr. Naidu a place to bring colleagues, present his most recent findings and interact with our resident fishing cat, River.


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