Alfalfa is a male porcupine that also came from a wildlife facility in Wisconsin. He is a robust boy, a gentle giant. He loves going on education programs and meeting new people. Humans pose the largest threat, to these slow moving rodents as they frequently fall victim to road traffic. Alfalfa serves as a reminder of the need to understand our wildlife and the effect that we have on it.

Born: 6/2/2009, Arrived: 9/2/2009

PRICKLES, N. American porcupine

Prickles is a female porcupine that came from a wildlife facility in Wisconsin. She was orphaned and found with part of her umbilical cord still attached. She required round the clock care for months to save her life. She never grew to full size and she requires lifelong medication so she could not be released. She is small but mighty! This little porcupine is the most opinionated one of the group and won’t hesitate to steal a sweet potato!

Born: 3/17/2012, Arrived: 4/22/2012

QUILL, African crested porcupine

Quill is a male African Crested Porcupine that was rescued from an animal dealer in Ohio by a private citizen. He was then donated to the Center to be used for education. We didn’t want him to be alone so we gave him unheard of roommates, N. American porcupines! Quill loves his job as an ambassador, especially when his fans feed him his favorite snack – sweet potatoes!

Born:  5/1/2013, Arrived:  7/1/2016

RASCAL, Striped Skunk

This inquisitive and playful Striped Skunk loves to get into absolutely everything! His favorite toys are cat toys with bells and slow feeders that require him to use his mind and his claws to extract his treats! Due to their smelly defense tactics, and their intelligence helping them get into mischief, skunks are often very misunderstood neighbors. Rascal teaches people about the importance of skunks and how we can live in harmony with them.

Born: 5/25/2019, Arrived: 7/26/2019

SCOUT, Gray fox

Scout had a violent entrance into this world—he was born when his mother was hit by a car. A rehabilitator was able to save his life, but due to the intensive care he required he became habituated to humans. Since Scout never nursed from his mother he also has lifelong health issues that require monitoring to keep him healthy and thriving. Scout loves spending time with his trainers and playing with new toys, he especially loves when he gets deer a bone—he runs around trying to find just the right spot to bury it!

Born: 6/25/2019, Arrived: 7/26/2019

ATTICUS, burro

Atticus is a male burro or donkey that joined the “herd” in 2017. Being a Center that predominantly houses predators, there are few animals at our facility that we can allow the public to have physical contact with. Atticus, along with his sidekick Bambam the goat, love human interaction and seek out human touch and attention. These sweet boys help to encourage compassion and gentleness for other living beings.

Born: 4/1/2014, Arrived: 6/2/2017

BAMBAM, fainting goat

Bambam the Fainting Goat was found as a kid in the streets of Cleveland! He was rescued and brought to a horse stable where he grew up “helping” to give horseback riding lessons! As Bambam got older he started to be a destructive goat chewing on saddles and halters. He was donated to the Center and since his arrival he has made hundreds of human friends and follows his caretakers around everywhere, his best buddy however is Atticus!

Born: 4/1/2018, Arrived: 6/15/2018


Buffalo Bert, affectionately known as “Dilbert,” was found when he was one week old. His mother had been shot and the babies were taken in by a family that attempted to raise them. By the time Hawk Creek was contacted there was only one survivor. After extensive medical care and around the clock formula feeding Dilbert slowly re-gained his health, but not his wild nature. He has secured a permanent home as an ambassador at the Center and has become Buffalo’s official “weather hog.”

Born: 4/1/2017, Arrived: 6/6/2018