Introducing Hawk Creek’s newest eagle! Known by many names, this species is called the Black-chested Buzzard-eagle, Chilean Blue Eagle, Patagonian Eagle or Gray Buzzard Eagle – but here at Hawk Creek we call him Cruz!
We are honored to introduce the community to this beautiful, understudied bird native to the elevated open areas of South America. These birds spend most of their day cruising the skies searching for prey such as degus and invasive European hares.
This opportunity was made possible through our partnership with leading eagle conservationists at Sia in Oklahoma. Through this partnership Hawk Creek supports various eagle conservation programs globally and is able to share eagle species with the community that people can rarely observe in the U.S. including Jara the Short-toed Snake Eagle and Onyx the Verreaux’s Eagle. Global Eagle Conservationist Waha Thuweeka a.k.a. William “Two-Raven” Voelker of Sia, the Comanche Ethno-Ornithological Initiative will be joining us to talk all things eagle conservation at our Wild Earth event on 5/13!