Animal Nutrition

In order to maintain the highest standard of care for our animals, we provide them with a nutritional and varied diet like they would find in nature. Feeding our animals isn’t as simple as one would think. It is a science that involves selecting the type and quantity of food while taking into account the animals behavior, seasonal needs, body condition, the animals current state (recovering from an injury, molting, egg laying etc.), and preparing and presenting the food in a way which the animals can consume it. Each individual has different requirements including when, where and how it is fed. In the end, we know that a varied whole prey diet is what is best for our animals. Its what they flourish on in the wild!

Want to help feed Hawk Creek’s Residents?

There are MANY ways to help! Below you will find a chart of the items we can feed our animals and will accept as donations. Know a hunter or fisherman? Local farmer? Spread the word!

We also gratefully accept organic produce such as sweet potatoes, turnips, carrots, various squash, zucchini, pumpkins, beets, collard greens, radishes, romaine lettuce, strawberries, apples, raspberries, mango’s and blueberries.

You can also help feed some of your favorite residents by providing gift certificates to the following stores:

Rodent Pro Rodents Gift Certificate

Reboy Supply Bedding and commercial diets 716-652-4321

Clyde’s Mazuri brand exotic grains 716-648-2171

To donate goods: Contact [email protected] or call (716) 652-8646

Animal Enrichment

What is enrichment? Enrichment allows animals to demonstrate their species-typical behavior, gives them opportunity to exercise control or choice over their environment and enhances their well-being. It comes in many forms and is often divided into these main categories: Sensory, Habitat, Food, Toys, and Training. It can be as simple as cardboard boxes filled with treats to be hidden throughout an enclosure to encourage foraging, hunting and investigation.

Hawk Creek’s staff takes into account each species’ physiology and natural behavior when providing enrichment, creating an effective and appropriate enrichment program.

Our primary goal is to promote species specific behaviors and increase animal welfare through our enrichment program.

How you can help

Would you like to contribute to the enrichment of our animals? View our Amazon Wish List or click below to Donate. Your donation is greatly appreciated by both animals and their keepers!