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One of America’s Largest Wildlife Centers

Conservation breeding has been a part of Hawk Creek’s legacy since 1994 with the inception of the Barn Owl Breeding Project. Ex situ conservation, or the process of protecting species outside of its natural habitat, has become increasingly important as habitat loss and other human related factors threaten wildlife. Through propagation, we are creating a backup plan to avoid the extinction of a species from our planet. Hawk Creek is acting now in preparation for a bright future.

Learn about Hawk Creek’s many conservation projects in Western New York and abroad


The Center is honored to welcome a very special breeding pair to our avian conservation program, Kenya and Tsavo, the Bateleur Eagles. Propagation of these birds is vital to the survival of their endangered species.

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The Eurasian Eagle Owl Project was started in 2017. The goal was to increase the population of the largest species of owl in the world for use in education programs. These beautiful birds are powerful ambassadors for owl conservation.

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The IAATE gave Hawk Creek its annual conservation award for our efforts and success in raising the population of one of the rarest raptors in New York State. From 1994-2014, over 235 healthy Barn Owls were released to the wild.

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The Eurasian Lynx is proof that conservation and propagation programs work- they were once down to 700 individuals! Now their population has increased 10 fold and they are a beacon of hope for other wildlife still recovering.

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Rescued from war-torn Sudan- Juba, Nyala and Sahara were sent to Hawk Creek to become founders for the Sand Cat Population in the United States. These cats will help to create an “ark” for their imperiled species.

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Hawk Creek Wildlife Center is one of New York State’s leading wildlife rehabilitation centers for birds of prey and native cats. Each year, we have cared for as many as 500 injured and orphaned wildlife patients.

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As this species is rapidly declining, the Fishing Cat may be running out of time. There is little known about these secretive felines with makes the Center’s partnership with the Fishing Cat Conservancy all the more important.

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Honored around the globe, eagles have inspired man as seen in art, literature, religion and government symbols. Even these iconic birds however need a helping hand from humans if they are to survive this ever changing world.

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Please note that no captive bred animals can be released in NYS. Therefore all animals participating in conservation programs can only go to other vetted conservation facilities. 

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