Three Fall Events at Hawk Creek!

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Hawk Creek has three WILD events coming up this Fall that you don't want to miss! Meet new animals Yeti and Calypso! Enchanted Wild Fest 9/16 1:00-4:00 Immerse yourself in your favorite movies and stories at Hawk Creek’s Enchanted Wild Fest! Journey through the Center to meet the REAL counterparts to your favorite animal movie characters! [...]

Three Hawk Creek events in June!

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Hawk Creek has three WILD events coming up this June that you don't want to miss! Animal Play Day 6/17 1:00-4:00 Animals play just like us! Discover how animals play and have fun through enrichment! This immersive and family-friendly event features up-close encounters with Hawk Creek’s live raptors, corvids, wild cats, reptiles and exotic birds. [...]

Hawk Creek welcomes Global Eagle Conservationist

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TICKETS Hawk Creek Wildlife Center is thrilled to be hosting Global Eagle Conservationist Waha Thuweeka a.k.a. William “Two-Raven” Voelker of Sia, the Comanche Ethno-Ornithological Initiative! He will be joining us all the way from Oklahoma for a can’t-miss presentation about the cultural and spiritual significance of eagles during Hawk [...]

Hawk Creek’s Newest Eagle – Cruz!

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Introducing Hawk Creek's newest eagle! Known by many names, this species is called the Black-chested Buzzard-eagle, Chilean Blue Eagle, Patagonian Eagle or Gray Buzzard Eagle - but here at Hawk Creek we call him Cruz! We are honored to introduce the community to this beautiful, understudied bird native to the elevated open areas of South [...]

World Wildlife Day – helping Fishing Cats!

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#WorldWildlifeDay is celebrated each year on March 3, and this year's theme is Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation. River is a six-year-old fishing cat that lives at Hawk Creek Wildlife Center with a very important job! Fishing Cats (Prionailurus viverrinus) are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List and their population is decreasing. Still, many [...]

How to support Hawk Creek with Amazon Smile

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Amazon Smile Your online shopping can help support Hawk Creek - and it doesn't cost you a penny! On your computer all you have to do is type in when you shop and choose Hawk Creek Wildlife Center as your charity! A percentage of every purchase will support our animals and our mission. [...]

Adoptions 2022

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Share in our Care with an Adoption Tote! Dear Hawk Creek Family, Take a moment and close your eyes. Imagine tall grass like the savanna: a sea of rustling leaves and dappled shadows where small creatures scurry. Imagine the sounds: the wind in the field, the clicks and drones of insects, and the [...]

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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  The Hawk Creek Wildlife Center family wants to thank Thermo Fisher Scientific for all of their amazing contributions this year. Along with being the presenting sponsor of our September Wild Brews event, a group of their staff took a day out of their busy schedules to help us take care of our grounds. They [...]

Training Apache the Golden Eagle

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Training success! Apache, the female golden eagle, has been excelling in her training to join Hawk Creek's ambassador animal team! This process has involved a lot of time, offering choices during training sessions, and building trust to make sure she is comfortable and confident! Apache headed out to the New York State Fair with [...]


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