A New Beginning…

Our new Wildlife Center was born from a need and propelled by a vision. Executive director Loretta Jones always had an unusual reoccurring dream of cutting down trees assuming with the purpose to build a house … night after night for months. Over the next 30 years, the need became rescuing wildlife, and the vision became clear… to build safe and secure places for animals to live. The trees in the dream would one day become the slats in the enclosures for rescued wildlife. Though guided by Loretta’s vision, Hawk Creek Wildlife Center was designed by animals for animals and constructed with a greater purpose in mind.


Our goal at Hawk Creek has always been to repurpose when and wherever possible. When recreating habitats for a variety of native mammals and exotic wild cats, we looked to the trees. As you explore our mammal region, especially “Conservation Cats,” you will notice a building material common throughout the area… natural logs. In addition to being abundant on the property and providing a naturalistic and aesthetic look form a public perspective, natural logs meet a basic need for our cats. Wild animals feel most comfortable when they can hide, so having bark and branches all around them gives our residents the confidence and security to live stress-free lives.

Interesting Fact: The property possessed exactly enough damaged larch trees to construct the enclosures


When designing and constructing enclosures for our many species of birds of prey there were vital factors to take into consideration. Security was number one, both protecting the animals from predators and creating a sense of security for them. Our raptor enclosures are 100% resistant to foxes, weasels and even other birds of prey. Secured bases prevent marauders from digging in from underneath and solid tops prevent an aerial invasion. Visitors will notice our slated design for the front of the mews. Installing wooden slates provides the sense of being in a forest and helps to block wind and inclement weather. Raptors spend a large amount of their day and night perched, conserving energy, and waiting for prey. Their perch design and texture is very important to keep their talons strong and feet in good shape.


The Welcome Center is the gateway to nature and the wonder of Hawk Creek Wildlife Center. Visitors can check in at the desk and shop our store for a variety of unique merchandise and gifts. After your visit, kids will find many plush toys representing the amazing species they just met. Our welcome center also houses our corporate offices and is a home away from home for of the talented staff dedicated to keeping Hawk Creek operating and growing. Volunteers and interns also have an office space and can access our library, which is packed full of resources and bio facts.


Hawk Creek is fortunate and proud to care for 5 species of eagles from around the world. Visitors can view one of the most diverse groups of eagles in the US and learn what is being done to preserve and protect our planet’s most majestic birds. Some of our eagle species are native to warmer climates, so we repurposed and modified insulated shipping containers to serve as winter shelters. Their flight areas are slated for their comfort and to promote breeding behaviors. Located at the edge of woods, our eagle enclosures are also surrounded by specifically planted gardens to attract visiting wildlife for the eagles to watch.


Adventure is in our nature.  The average American child spends 4 to 7 minutes a day in unstructured play outdoors and 7 hours a day in front of a screen.  It’s about time we reconnect to nature.  This interactive trail is designed to promote exercise, fun, and provide a break from the dependency from technology.


Two essential components for maintaining and rehabilitating injured or orphaned wildlife are a large flight cage and specialized nursery. Our new flight cage was built through the generosity of City Fence of Buffalo and serves as the primary pre-release area required to condition birds to be returned to wild. Our nursery provides a safe, tranquil, and temperature-controlled environment for infant wildlife of various species, and as a hospital for animals requiring higher temperatures and specialized care equipment.



A project you can hang your hat on… and receive public naming rights to recognize your business or loved one. Sponsoring an enclosure for any number of our residents demonstrates your long-term commitment to providing a permanent home for animals in need.

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Our beautiful gardens, planted and maintained by volunteers, provide aesthetics for our residents and guests alike. These habitats also serve an environmental purpose as a natural resource for pollinators and yield an additional food source and enrichment for our animals.

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Our ever-evolving Eco Trail is the perfect escape from hours of screen time children spend each day. Connecting with nature has unlimited benefits for the mind and body. Release your inner animal…soar like an eagle, climb like a porcupine, and jump like a bobcat.

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This outdoor experience provides guests the chance to reconnect with our lost sense of nature. Cultures around the world possess deep relationships with the natural world. Reignite your wild side and foster a greater appreciation for animals and the environment and learn the lessons our ancestors have for centuries. Want to get involved in this innovative project? Contact [email protected]