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Thank you for expressing an interest in our educational programming! Hawk Creek Wildlife Center takes pride in the consistent quality of our educational programs, the professionalism of our staff and our excellence in animal care.  The Center is fully insured, inspected by USDA, licensed by the NYSDEC and by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. We firmly believe in inspiring our audiences to become stewards of the planet through meaningful, memorable and entertaining educational experiences. We can customize any program to meet your needs! Contact [email protected] or call 716-652-8646 to book your program or for a customized quote today!

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Below is our fee schedule. Base fee is for a classroom up to 100 participants. 2nd Program Fee is discounted rate for a 2nd program booked on the same day, (at same location and same program type, starting within 40 minutes of previous program ending). Assembly fee is for larger groups up to 300 participants. For groups larger than 300, please contact for a custom quote. Program descriptions can be found here 

PROGRAM BASE FEE (group <100) *2nd Program FEE ASSEMBLY (100-300 guests)
Talk on the Wildside $300 $250 $550
Making a Difference $250 $200 $450
Silent Hunters of the Night $250 $200 $450
Myths, Magic & Mystery of Mammals $250 $200 $450
Rare & Vanishing Species $250 $200 $450
Amazing Adaptations $250 $200 $450
Walk with the Eagles $350 $300 $600
Exhibit $200 $150 N/A
Tiny Talons $175 $125 N/A
Fur, Feathers & Scales $175 $125 N/A
Harry Potter’s Owls $175 $125 N/A
Birthday Party $200 N/A N/A
Lords of the Wing N/A N/A $600
Tour of Hawk Creek (Max 50 guests/tour) $200 $150 N/A


0-25 miles $0
26-50 miles $35
51-100 $65
101-125 miles $125
126 miles plus Contact for Quote


Add eagle to program $100
Add flying bird demo to program $100
Add wildcat to program $100
Add owl pellets to program $1.50/each or $17/doz
Owl pellets without program $2/each or $20/doz
Break time between programs >45 minutes $40